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The Buddy Bench

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The buddy bench is a system that has started being rolled out in schools all over the place.  But the principle of it is something amazing that I think we all might need from time to time.



How It Works


It's really simple.  The forums can be a big place sometimes.  Especially if we're new, and we've not figured our way around yet.  It can be really daunting for us to look at the challenge thread where we've posted our very first challenge and see these huge threads where all of these people are commenting and being friends already.  Breaking into an existing friendship group is tough sometimes, no matter how old you are.  Even veterans to the forums can sometimes feel like they're on their own right now, and they really need a friend, or someone to help, or talk to.


That's where the buddy bench comes in.


Any time you're feeling lonely, or overwhelmed, or like you just need somebody to check in and say "Hey, I notice you, you're doing awesome.  Keep it up.", you come to the Buddy Bench.  Post your thread, post a gif, say how you're feeling or what you need right now.  Get it off your chest!


If you see someone on the Buddy Bench, be a Buddy yourself!  Sometimes it's hard for us to ask for help to a group of strangers, just a quick smile in someone's direction can change the path of their entire day.




We're all here together, to create positive change in our lives.  By helping each other to succeed and feel good, we're helping ourselves as well.  No matter your age, gender, race, religion or sexuality:  you deserve a buddy. :)





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This is a really great idea. I'll check in here regularly! It's a good way to reach out to anyone who needs a few extra members on their cheering squad.

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