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I have to admit, my willpower sucks.  It takes a lot of effort to make even tiny changes in my life, even if it really makes me feel better.  I often feel like my brain and body are not on the same page.  One feels productive while the other is exhausted.  


Such is my battle with chronic depression.  


Depression is often misunderstood, even by us depressed folks.  However, I have come to realise that even when I am not obviously having a down day, the depression takes the form of NO MOTIVATION WHATSOEVER.  It's not just the willpower to workout or eat healthily that's gone, it's struggling to leave my bed and eat anything at all.  Today was one of those days.  I call these "Duvet Days".  I'm writing this just because I need to do something  productive with my day, and complaining online about my unproductivity seems like the perfect place to start.  I know some of you guys might relate to this, and to you I say: Take duvet days if you need them, don't beat yourself up over one missed workout, but don't let the low motivation rule your life.  I have come to realize that while it is comfy, life in bed gets really boring...  

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burrito up

put up a profile picture (seriously.. do it)
figure out your first 4 week challenge goals
and put on the yoga pants for a bit.

itll help
then burrito back up and play some skyrim

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