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Scatterbunn Races to the Finish


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16 hours ago, Primeval said:

Looks like you had a great week! Nice work.


Larabars can be great. Sure you've heard about these rice cakes for fueling during bike rides... http://www.bonappetit.com/entertaining-style/trends-news/article/tour-de-france-cyclist-food In case you would like us to start calling you Scatter-Lance-Bunn


I love Larabars.  I eat them on my long runs.  It feels to me like I get a nice little rush from the dates right when I eat them and it sort of slowly trickles out the fat and protein to keep me running.  You do have to munch them before you'd do something like a GU packet or a fistful of jelly beans though, @Scatterbunn.

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I'm on Strava for my running now.

Check out Kick! too.  You unlock gear with your progress on Strava.

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@Mike_d85 I usually cut however many bars I plan on eating into 3rds or 4ths so they are about bite sized then just eat a small piece every 15-20 minutes instead of trying to eat the whole bar at once. But on really long rides its not unusual to get to a point where actually "eating" just isnt going to happen or i need quicker energy so I will switch to gels (i always keep at least one on my bike for emergencies).


Well Sunday was a win for carbs and calories, also managed to squeeze in a quick 5 minute dog training session on my lunch break. Unfortunately it was a total loss for the stretching, i did bring my folding mat out of the car but that,s as far as i got. This bit me in the back side (literally) on my long run yesterday. I kept having to stop and stretch out my right knee and hip which kept wanting to stiffen up and not cooperate. 


Yesterday I did my long run of the week 11 miles, continued experimenting with run/walk interval mixes. My time was even worse than usual due to having to stop and stretch and i finally finished out the last 1.5 miles walking but i did it. Stretched afterward and could seriously tell the difference after not stretching 3 of the previous 4 days and only doing a half hearted job on Friday.


I was doing really well on carbs up until about 7 last night when it all fell apart in a big way. :cower: The local Endurance House was hosting a Ladies night complete with goody bags, door prizes and snacks. With nothing better to do on a Monday night I made plans to attend. I was a good girl and ate a full meal before leaving the house so it would be easier to behave. Unfortunately i didn't think about the fact that the morning was LONG RUN day meaning I spend the rest of the day dealing with the RUNGRY MONSTER. With the trip to town and a few errands by the time I got there it had been nearly two hours since my big meal and I was hungry again. After being attacked by both the RUNGRY MONSTER  and Sister TOM, (and yes I take full responsibility for what I ate) I overindulged a bit on the carb side. Not sure how bad exactly as the food was provided by a local restaurant so no nutrition info, but based on the way I felt afterwards, pretty bad (but those little pastrys stuffed with yummy chicken and asparagus were SOOOOO YUMMY!!). I think my daily carbs might not have been too bad but my per meal carbs were way off.

Despite over eating I had a good time and while I didnt win any of the door prizes, the swag bags had some pretty cool stuff (KT tape and recovery patches, coupon for $15 off shoes, and some interesting injinji toe socks i look forward to testing out on my next run).


Oh well, today's a new day. 

Morning workout was hills on the bike and with a cool front moving in tonight it was REALLY WINDY!! Which works out well for "faking"/"enhancing" hills. Stretched afterward. So far good on carbs and calories, I have to work tomorrow morning then obedience class and church in the afternoon. So tomorrow will be a rest day (with hopefully time for stretching). 

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15 hours ago, Scatterbunn said:

I usually cut however many bars I plan on eating into 3rds or 4ths so they are about bite sized then just eat a small piece every 15-20 minutes instead of trying to eat the whole bar at once.


Hmm...  Not a bad idea.  I've been stopping and munching a whole bar like I would do if I stopped at a water station in a race.  Do you just keep the bits in a sandwich bag? 


I try not to create that much waste, but I might steal this idea for race day.

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I'm on Strava for my running now.

Check out Kick! too.  You unlock gear with your progress on Strava.

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@Fuji_fox Thanks. This is the time of year when its easy to stick to the plan with cool/mild weather. Late May through September it gets REALLY REALLY  hard when triple digits hit.


On ‎3‎/‎1‎/‎2017 at 9:09 AM, Mike_d85 said:

  Do you just keep the bits in a sandwich bag? 



If i'm leaving from the house I just wrap them back up in the wrapper and stick them in my pocket or top tube bag so I can just reach in and grab, but you could probably snip the end off of the wrapper as well. I usually only use sandwich bags if I am traveling somewhere (race/group ride) where im concerned about everything spilling out, or if I make a mess opening the wrapper and it cant be neatly tucked back together.

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Tuesday afternoon I took the dog for a walk as training and "warmup" for my own strength training. Ended up only doing a mile due to someone living up to her name (and trying my patience!). Just was not a good day for her for some reason. Came home and did Strength training since I knew I wouldn't be working out on Wednesday. I only got 2 sets done (instead of 3) before my shoulder started bothering me (like pain/injury not soreness). I have occasional shoulder problems due to using gym equipment (probably improperly) back when I was in college so I called it quits rather than push my luck, but I still completed two out of three so it counts. Didn't stretch afterwards because it was after supper time and I was STARVING!!  Ok not really but I was pretty hungry.

Ended up short on calories eating only 2450 but carbs were GREAT! at only 86 for the day.


Wednesday was SUPER BUSY between work, obedience class and church, I didn't have time for stretching. So pretty much a total rest day.

Good on calories and even with indulging in a roll at Texas Roadhouse last night (NO BUTTER!)  still only at 83g of carbs!


Today I had planned on doing 8 hills on the Dreadmill. However, due to FAMILY DRAMA Patience will have to be boarded when I go to North Carolina to visit family at the end of the month (all 3 dogs usually stay with Dad when I travel) so I spent the morning in the vets office getting the vaccines she needs for boarding (she has been vaccinated, these were just the ones required for boarding). That took WAY longer than expected, though I did make use of the time as a "training session" (lots of down/stay/leave it) pretty sure the 45 minutes waiting should count for at least 15 minutes of my weekly quota.


I only had time for 4 hills before work, so I planned on increasing the intensity, starting at my standard 3% and increasing 1% on each repeat. Then I got "stupid."  During the walk break after hill 3 (5%) I started thinking "gee I feel pretty good, I could probably do more of this if I had the time" then "hmm I wonder how far up the treadmill incline goes."  Well I'm still not sure exactly much of an incline the treadmill will do but I can tell you it will do at least 10% because that's where I chickened out and stopped hitting the up button. I thought I was going to DIE but I finished the full 3 minutes. I cooled down and went home and did my full 20 minutes of stretching. Right now I feel OK but lets see if I can walk in the morning!!

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Carbs were a little up yesterday but still within limits. Still a little shy on calories, looks like I may be short on calories again today. So far fewer meals with more calories per meal doesn't seem to be working for getting in the calories. Though it is helping with total carb load.


I was a little stiff this morning but didn't feel too bad after my "suicide" attempt on the treadmill yesterday so I did a short warm up ride and strength training followed by stretching. 


The plan for tomorrow was a 3 1/2 hr long bike ride but I am now officially calling off the Steam-N-Wheels bike race so I will probably "plateau" my long rides at 2 1/2- 3 hours until I get back from NC/SC in April. I still plan on riding tomorrow but how far/long will depend on how I feel and the weather. I also have my last long run before Dallas on Monday so I don't want to over do and not be able to give that my best.


No Dog training but I did finally get the pictures ordered for my scrapbooking. Unfortunately its going to be cutting it close for them to get here before the challenge ends.


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So week 3 update:

Fitness goals:

100% no long ride on Saturday because I just wasn't feeling up to it after a crazy night at work and since I'm not doing Steam N Wheels, it wasn't that big of a deal. Did put in 45 minutes on the trainer zone 1 so that's something.



Weight went down .5 lbs, but I struggled a bit getting in the calories last week and im cutting my activity level a bit this week starting to prepare for RnR Dallas so I'm going to leave my calorie goals alone for another week.

With the exception of Monday carbs were good and most of the week daily total was under 100grams.



30 minutes of dog training.

Finally made some progress on scrapbooking, one page done and several partially complete, just waiting on the arrival of pictures.



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Yesterday was pretty good on the eating plan front. Due to a very busy day it was mostly eating out, but thanks to some research on what I can eat at what restaurant, I managed to pack in a whopping 3,000 calories (obviously not something to do on a regular basis but considering I fell short on calories a few days last week, im not too worried) and only 75g carbs! Of course would have been better if a few more of those carbs had been vegetables, but oh well.  Didn't find time to stretch (I really need to stop skipping).


Today was my last long run before Dallas on the 19th, I had hoped to get in 9-11 miles but goofed off in the kitchen (cooked) too long and ran out of time, only did 7. I was prepping and trying out some new recipes that I thought would help me hit my calorie goal a bit easier than my normal chicken and vegetables (with buter/oil and usually some soft cheese on a low carb "crisp bread"/cracker). Unfortunately tonight at work when I was plugging the nutritional data into MFPs menu calculator, the calorie counts are WAY off, the Chicken Tikka Masala I made today has nearly 1/2 the calories its "supposed" to and the beef stew I planed to make tomorrow has about 150 cal less per serving and almost double the carbs quoted in the book. At least now that I know I can alter the recipe tomorrow to make it lower carb, just kind of shocked and frustrated. The other recipes iv made have been pretty close (after accounting for any substitutions/variations in ingredients) but these two are WAY off. The only thing I can think is that they accidentally used the cooked values rather than raw? ex. recipe calls for 2lbs raw chicken and they use calorie info for 2lbs cooked? Though that wouldn't account for the carb difference.


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Between a hectic work schedule and FAMILY DRAMA things kind of fell apart this week. Only one run and one ride last week, no strength training, and slacked on Stretching as well. Didnt log food the last few days of the week. I did however get the dog training in and sneak in the Scrapbook goal just under the deadline. Oh well, there's always next challenge. And i have definitely made progress toward my goals even if this week was a bit of a setback.


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