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Uruza the Remorseless: Simplify & Dedication

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This is my first 4 week challenge. I have been a part of the NerdFitness Academy for about a year and didn't realize these forums even existed lol. 

My focus words this challenge are Simplify & Dedication. I get so hung up on the planing that I end up not following through. So for the next 4 weeks:


1. I will complete the 30 day Asana & Pranayama practice I committed to.

   -I will decide the day prior what time I am with holding this commitment, and follow through. Example: Today's practice went from 10:04 pm- 10:52 pm. Tomorrow I will start my practice at 6am.


2. I will substitute one cup of sugary coffee with black coffee every day.

   -IF I run out of my coffee, I will make the switch to tea.


3. I will take at least one fitness class at Katwalk Fitness and one yoga class every week.

   -I will decide what classes I am committing to a week ahead of time and follow through. See Example Above.


4. I will not eat fast food for breakfast or lunch the next 4 weeks.


As this is my first challenge, any advice, links, or suggestions are welcome. 

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I haven't started my Asana & Pranayama practice. Doing that in about an hour.

I have substituted my coffee with milk only for one cup a day. 

I scheduled and signed up for my fitness classes for next week. Monday @9, & Thursday @7 for Katwalk, and Sunday morning for yoga.

I have not eaten fast food for lunch or breakfast the last 2 days.


So far I am on track. Just need to check off my Asana & Pranayama exercises for today.

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Totally failing my Asana& Pranayama practice. I also haven't made it to a class work out and it's been almost a week. I'm feeling pretty disheartened by this, despite staying on track with my coffee intake & not going out to eat. So instead of being insane & doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results, I am going to post the times for my Asana & Pranayama practice and the classes I'm taking this week.


Today I am doing my Asana practice at 10:30am & my Pranayama practice at 10:30pm. I am taking my Burlesque class at Katwalk tonight at 9pm

Tomorrow I am doing both my Aana & Pranayma classes at 4:45am. 

Thursday at 7:00pm I am taking Silks 101 at Katwalk.

Sunday I am taking Hot 26 for my yoga practice.

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