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TiffanyD loses 2 feet.... but I'm only 5'1" (Part 2 of 10)

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So I am going to wrap this up a bit early, but only because I am pretty happy with some progress that I wasn't really tracking like I should.


I am down a total of 7 inches since Jan 2.


March 11 Measurments

Calves - 17.5 (same)

Thigh - 26 (-1.75 Inches)

Hips - 44 (-1.5 Inches)

Waist - 35.5 (-3 Inches)

Underbust - 36.5 (-.5 Inches)

Bicep - 13.25 (-.25 Inches)


Weight - 187.2 (-2.8 lbs)


Yesterday I checked most boxes, and I gave myself a pass on the steps because the 25 min on the stairmaster doesn't count according to fitbit... and screw fitbit, lol.


While I don't really SEE these results (though I know I look less bloated), it at least shows I am going in the proper direction so I am quite a happy camper today.  I will continue with the check boxes, and really focus on food next month. 



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On 3/10/2017 at 8:10 AM, TiffanyD said:

I still feel better/far less bloated than past weeks so I will eventually forgive the scale for being a dick about it.


My scale also does this. When I was at the high point of my bulk (#215) I was still a clothing size smaller than before I started lifting. So the raw number on the scale is not always an accurate reflection.


Very excited about the shirts!!!! And the giant deadlift!!!!



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