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Part II of Parsnip's crazy training double-challenge


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This is a shortened challenge this time, as there is only two weeks left until the triathlon (GETTING EXCITED!). For the first two weeks, my challenge will be the same as part I:

  • Track my food in MFP. Way too hard to eat enough calories, so I'm dropping from 'Active' to 'Lightly Active' to make me feel better :P Goal is now 1920 Cals + exercise Cals from training
  • Follow the last weeks of the sprint triathlon plan


Week 1 -

Two 20min swims

45min bike ride

30min run


Week 2 -

15min each of bike, run, swim



I will still be trying to do 2x lifting every week, but I'm not too worried if this drops off. Next goals will be trying out kickboxing and working through the NF handstands program, but I'll save these for the next challenge.


Week 3 & 4 - I'm going to experiment with a couple weeks of low calories (1400/day or something similar) and test the effect. I'll also go back to 3x lifting then as well. I lost weight slowly but quite well at 1700-1800Cals, however it messed around with some health stuff when I did it for three challenges straight. I only want to drop about 3kg max (if even that much? I have built lots of muscle the last six months). This is so I have room to bulk back up a bit more. MFP reckons two weeks at that level should be about 1kg total lost.

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So... First week almost over already! I been bad and haven't done any lifting this week. This is the problem when I tell myself I don't have to worry about it this challenge, I don't go!!


Oh well... Triathlon training is progressing really well. The BIG EVENT is next weekend, so this week was pretty easy going. Still have another 20min open water swim tomorrow to round out the week. Just 3 short 15min sessions next week :)

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Been doing some recalculations around body fat to figure out what weight I should be aiming for in the second half of this challenge. It looks like I may have somehow managed to put on 4kg of LBM in the last 6mths. I reckon I'm about 23% bf @70kg now.


This means I shouldn't really drop below 68kg, as I should be around 20% bf at this weight. In this case, I may as well go for about 1700 cals for at most 6 weeks (easy level for me to eat at). As soon as I hit 68kg, I will switch to maintenance (~2000 cals) for a couple weeks. Then I can start deliberately eating surplus cals!


... And I will just ignore the BMI stuff that says I am already borderline obese [emoji14]

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15 minutes ago, Parsnip said:

... And I will just ignore the BMI stuff that says I am already borderline obese emoji14.png


BMI is bullshit anyway. I had a friend at University who was obese according to her BMI but it was basically all muscle weight.

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Starting Weight:     220lbs

Current Weight:     230lbs

Goal Weight:            150lbs


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Wooo! I finished it :D Very pleased with my results!! My bike is always the slow part holding me back, but I was only about 5 min behind the 2nd to last place finisher, so I'm quite pleased with how i kept up :)

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Week 3 Update


So the 2nd half of this challenge was to eat at a deficit while getting back into weight training. I set MFP to Active and lose 0.5kg/week and it told me to eat 1660Cals which seems about right.


Average week 3 = 1892 Cals


Not bad for a transition week off the back of eating 2100+exercise Cals before the triathlon. Though week 4 is shaping up to be similar average :barbershop_quartet_


Down to 69kgs now, so might not have to cut the Calories for very long...


I originally wrote my goal to get back to 3x lifting weekly. But I revised this over the weekend. I knew I wanted to work on the NF handstands workouts and also try out muay thai, so I've come up with a 3 on / 1 off, two week cycle based loosely on some crossfit scheduling suggestions in an effort not to overdo it.


So far, so good! I've been meaning to try muay thai for about 2 yrs and never made it to a class :P I went on Tuesday night, it was awesome :D I have had to start back really light on all my lifts, but I've been reminding myself how quickly you progress if you keep it consistent. I'll only be lifting 2x weekly, so it will be extra important not to miss sessions...

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Congrats on the triathalon! That is super impressive (sorry my congratulations is a bit slow, I see it was at the end of Feb.)


Glad you had a chance to try Muay Thai and liked it.

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"Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind' Luke 10; 27

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