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Thinking about getting a fitbit

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Hey all,


Im thinking about getting a fitness tracker and the one I'm landing on seems to be the charge hr or charge hr 2. I like that it has a watch and a heart rate monitor in addition to other stuff and I think it's cute enough to wear to work as an accessory (not a big clunky plasticky thing I'd want to hide). Still, they're expensive, and I'd like to hear some thoughts before I invest $79-130 in something. 


Do you have an activity/fitness tracker? A Fitbit or a different brand? How do like it? Does it seem worth the money?


Thanks for the help. I tend to be pretty frugal, so spending money on something I can't try first makes me a little nervous.

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I just got a Charge 2 a few months ago and am quite happy with it.  The app that goes with it is pretty useful for keeping track of how I am doing and plays well with my other apps (myfitnesspal and mapmyrun).  


I have had a Nike+, jawbone UP3 and TomTom Cardio before and I prefer the Fitbit to the others

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I got my fitbit charge 2 from costco around mid-late January of this year.


It's been a huge help in my motivation. I like seeing the different information from the app. The sleep stages feature is kind of nice (at least for looking for patterns).


As whiteghost says, it does seem to really play well with others. The fitbit app has a calorie tracker but it can also import data from myfitnesspal, just as fitnesspal can import your steps and weight input in the fitbit app. There is a pretty seamless back and forth between the two.


If you're a data person, and like seeing numbers and tracking, or are just kind of obsessive (raises own hand), it might be something useful to add to your box of tools...errr...wrist of tools

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I have a Fitbit Blaze and I am obsessed with it. If I'm close to my step count, but not quite there, I'll get up and do extra exercise to push it over the limit. I'll run up and down stairs, etc. It has, without question, inspired me to do more. I also like switching out the bands to match every outfit I own. 

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