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Milo Sustains


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Hey, guys.


I've fallen off somewhat on my posting of funny stuff and keeping up with people on the forum. However, I have been keeping with my goals. I made a lot of progress during my last challenge: I lost 13 lbs, my stomach is slimmer, my arms are bigger, and my chest feels firmer. I must have been doing something right.


This challenge will be similar, since I just need to sustain:

- Stay under 1750 calories 5x/week (20x total)

- Be within 4% of my macro goals (40%p/30%c/30%f) 3x/week (16x total)

- Strength training 3x/week (12x total)

- Cardio 2x/week (8x total)

- Life goal: write and record two songs this challenge


Let's do it!

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Orc Warrior | LVL 4

Current Challenge: Milo Sustains

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Thanks for following, guys. As I mentioned, I'm playing it a little bit leaner this challenge regarding time spent on the forums. I have a lot of life goals I'm working on outside of fitness right now, and it's crunch time.


I just realized I forgot to post above what my calorie goal is. I aim for 1700 daily, but I know +-50 calories is pretty close. So I put 1750 as the stated goal.


I injured my ankle two days ago. Pain is 80% diminished today, but I'm still walking with a little bit of a limp. I'm going to take it easy on the exercise for a few days, see how it feels then.







I'm down 14 lbs since January 8th. Sometimes that seems fast to me, sometimes that seems slow. But I have 30 lbs more until I look "good", and 15 lbs after that until I look "great". Many small steps to complete a long journey.

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Orc Warrior | LVL 4

Current Challenge: Milo Sustains

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