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Sunmage: Discipline

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Discipline is not easy. I will start with doing less.


EVERY SINGLE day I will do ONE thing to nurture Body, Mind and soul.


Here is my to choose from list:


  • Sound meditation (Tom Kenyon)
  • 30 Minutes mindfulness meditation
  • TRE


I will incorporate more later.

The last weeks I noticed that doing just one thing sometimes creates desire to do more. It felt great =)


This will be interesting 4 weeks. I am still job hunting...

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Hey Sunmage!


I hope your job hunting adventure is going well!   How goes your quest for Discipline gone since you've started?


Also, I have never heard about TRE, and it sounds very interesting!  Do you go somewhere to do it or is there something that you follow online?

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Actually it is a drowsy and slow experience. There is one job offer in my field right now, so they had 100 applicants. But the first interview went well =)


I do my TRE circle on a yoga mat at home. There are good instructions on Youtube and in the David Berceli books, the Instructor was wasted money :)


Week 2 report:

I survived carnival. I survived the flu (Again). I have 9 days left at being at that company.

Right now I feel anxiety. So I will do some more excercises instead of trying to sleep.


Week 3 plan:

Cook more and be consistent in my practice

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