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Making progress but falling behind.

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My life turned upside down this December. My boyfriend of four years got a job three hours away from where we lived at the time. In two weeks we moved him to a new apartment in the new city. I stayed behind to look for a job. It took me almost two months but I will start working at a University on February 27. At the same time I was looking for work I was applying to schools for my master's degree. Last week I learned that I was accepted. Things are finally coming together and are no longer so chaotic.


All of these things are amazing and I am very excited; but the path getting to this point has been hard on my body, mind, and soul. I have not been sleeping well, I have been lonely living apart from the man I love, and I have been under a tremendous amount of stress. I noticed that over the last two months I had lost weight but I had not expected the number that popped up on the scale when I finally did weighed myself. I had lost ten pounds. I am a very thin person anyway so this realization freaked me out a little.


I have reached many of my goals recently, but my overall health has suffered. With things settling down soon I want to establish a routine that includes a regular sleep schedule, healthy meal planning, and fitness regimen. What I want to do is take a yoga class. I am a person who experiences high stress/anxiety/energy. For the most part I think that it makes me a stronger, more productive person, but it definitely has its negatives. I think yoga will help me to calm down and bring balance to my mental and physical well-being.

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Welcome to the Rebellion Shalquior.  It does sound like you've been under significant stress and I think yoga is a great place to start.  I am not an expert in that area, but there definitely are dedicated yogis in the forums that can help give you advice if you need it.

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I second what Mr. Six said. Even if yo find yoga is not for you, a lot of rebels deal with anxiety and stress on a daily basis, myself included. You'll find the support you need. :)

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Thank you for the welcome!


I think I am at a good "respawn" starting point. I have the rest of my life organized so I can focus on fitness again. Before I invested myself so fully in moving and finding a new job, I was doing really well. I regularly attended CrossFit for about 8 months and my body felt great...but September was the last time I worked out. I miss it and am excited to get moving again!

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