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Nusuth allmost out of hibernation

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So back with another after the last one crashed half January



New habit goal :  Eat breakfast of Nuts & Fruit ; During weekend Eggs for breakfast after morning-walk.

Old Habit :

  • I'm used to eating peanut butter sandwiches & Philadelphia sandwiches at work.  This was to protect myself from buying Viennoiserie at work.
  • During the weekend I take my coffee & sandwiches to watch an episode of StarTrek on netflix.
  • edit : When I miss a train in the morning I usually buy a coffee + croissant to wait on the next one.



New habit goal : Hold plank 3 times a day

Old habit :

Atm next to 20min Qi-gong I have no workout effort.  I sometimes do some squats or some push-ups, but one couldn't consider that even a warm-up

I do sometimes hold a plank when i'm alone at the fridge or at my desk, since I read that working out 'the core' reduces stress



New habit goal : Ivy Lee method notes.  6 for work / 3 for evening ; Weekends : 6 for myself

Old habit :

Started last month with it.  Was a success. I'm starting to feel like getting a grasp on my life.   Far from a habit tho.  Want to let this one sink in more

My outlook reminder at work is still running but even then often I still run out of the building without taking the time for it.  Sometimes there are colleagues chatting the end of day away preventing me from writing the note.







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Hey Nusuth!


I like your goals!!  How have your goals been going?  


I read up on the Ivy Lee method after reading your post!  Let me know how you like that! I kind of do something similar with my bullet journal where I write down my list for the day so it is easier to figure out what I need to do that day.  I feel like making that last the day before might make it easier to keep my focus the next day!


Also to your Fitness Goal, I wouldn't put down the different squats and push-ups you do to having no effect.  I know that I've been practicing my chaturanga pushups everyday for yoga because I want to be able to get to the full chaturanga sooner.  Since I've started doing at least 10 chaturanga push-ups a day. I have found that it's made a big difference in my yoga practice and my gym routine!


Also if you are worried about your routine crashing feel free to post more about how it is going! I'd love to hear more! :D


You've got this! :D

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Wed- thur

Diet : Ate banana & nuts on wed ; but allso bread everyday, since I couldn't just throw it away.  thu was full bread

Fitness : Planks x3 ok on both days

Life :  Only the thursday evening note was written

Evening note was forgotten due to soccer-matches.  After the Wed match straight to bed & forgot about the note.  Thursday note is written.

Work-note : my notepad which I used for the 6 tasks got smothered by an unending tail of 'reminders' from which to choose from.  I think I need to open a fresh notepad everyday to keep my mind clear.




Hey Mollytigerc!  tnx for the support.  I'm loving the ivy-lee method.  For me it kills the 'too much choice'-factor.  "Sooo many things to do, in the end I do nothing" -> Now I look at note : "yep , that makes sense, can't dodge that: start"


Looked up the Chaturanga pushups.  It looks very alike what the Navy Seals consider 'proper form' for a pushup.  I tried one just now.  Went from plank down, and then realised I would never get up anymore ^^





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Fri - Tue

Diet : Didn't buy new bread so that is gone out of my life for now.  Ate more Nuts & fruit.  Made Bacon & Eggs on saturday.  Sunday I went to fetch Viennoiserie

On Tue all was ok, but I still bought one Viennoiserie to go with the coffee.  Apparantly this is a life long habit.  In dutch we call them 'Koffie-koeken".

Last Friday I missed the train: I seem to have an habit of buying a Coffee + croissant while waiting for the next one.  I'll add them to the original post.


Fitness : Planks slacked during the weekend , ok otherwise.

Life :  Ivy Lee notes not consistent.  I should anticipate evening 'feasts' like : soccer on tv ; raiding in wow ; and write the notes earlier in the evening

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Diet : I now eat every day Nuts & fruit.  But not on the right time :s  I seem not to be able to drink coffee in the morning without 'something' sugary to go with ..

I'll have to eat breakfast earlier.  On the train.  drink coffee later as .. a drug, medication.


Fitness :  I'm doing alot of Planks.


Life : I'm starting to get there.  My householding is through the roof.

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