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Oh it hurts, it hurts so bad

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So listen, I started working out monday. I did the beginner circuit. It's wednesday and I should have worked out again. I can't even do a grok squat right now. I dropped my phone on the floor and there it stayed. My arms are just fine. But my legs are so sore. I'm pretty okay with walking, but squatting isn't happening. I did do a 5-10 warm up and a full stretch I found on the site. I was okay the first day but Tuesday morning sucked. Any suggestions on how to alleviate it and prevent it? I really want to get back to working out. But I don't think this is a deal with the discomfort situation. I don't want to chance it getting worse. 

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It's hard to tell from your post whether your aches are post-workout muscle soreness or potential injury issues...


Muscle soreness is normal and definitely more common in the beginning as our bodies adjust to new rigors.  Potassium (bananas), magnesium (coconut water), and turmeric (anti-inflammatory) can help with these aches along with stretching and foam rolling.  If walking doesn't hurt, commit to walking than you normally would and try some stairs. Continued activity will help with the muscle aches in the long-run.


If it's not just muscle soreness and you are feeling pain in your joints, ligaments, etc. Then you should have someone check out your form for the exercises and maybe consult with a physical therapist or doctor.  I know I jumped too far ahead in some of my bodyweight progressions when I started out and my form suffered-- which is a recipe for injury.


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