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Arcelas the n00b

Belushi to Welling: Arcelas' Transformation

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2 years ago, I weighed about 235-240lbs. I was told by multiple people, at multiple locations, that I looked like Tom Welling from Smallville. Fast forward 730 days, and I've been told I look like John Belushi


(No offense John)

I want to go back to my healthy, sexy self. Along the way, I will be fighting a few Monsters:

1. BiPolar Bear - His sharp teeth and claws are great for tearing apart your plans.

2. The Depresssionator - His foul attitude and bad hygiene would be enough. But his "just stay in bed with skittles" attack is legendary.

These monsters have followed me closely my whole life, but I am determined to beat them.


This week's goals:

1. Continue Paleo lifestyle changes.

2. Increase daily walk to 7 minutes



Sunday's Progress Report:

Slept all day, due to being up all night Saturday for a karaoke contest. Ate at Golden Corral for breakfast (brother's treat), but ate wisely.

Going for my seven minute walk right now, then in bed by 2300 hours.


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Monday was a bad day. Depressive episode. Sometimes I don't feel like eating anything during one,b other times I eat multiple cartons of ice cream. This time was no food, and sleeping all day. Couldn't even drag myself from my bed to go for my walk.


Tuesday has been better. Egg, cheese ham thing for breakfast, 25 strawberries for lunch, BBQ burger for dinner. More Karaoke!

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