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Clean Eating on Campus?


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I was quite proud of my ability to hack the dining hall options (but that was only true at my second college -- the first one had very limited options).  I will definitely need more info about what is served to give you meaningful advice.  Love the username -- I always think it's fun to ask people what their spell would be if they could only have one.

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On 2/21/2017 at 1:43 PM, Stupefy said:

I'm on my first year of college, and really struggling with eating healthy (and properly portioned!) food. No kitchen, a dining hall that's only open at certain times, and a menu that I can't control is leaving me floundering. Anyone have tips from their college days? 

Do you have a fridge and microwave? You can make a lot of healthy food with just those. I recommend asking the people who work at the dining hall what is in their food. You can also ask for just certain ingredients and deconstructed foods. Salad bars have a good source of raw veggies that you can pair with a lean source of meat.  Blenders can also be life saviors if you need a quick meal before class. In terms of the hall only being open at certain times, maybe you can buy extra food and bring it back to your dorm? 

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invest in plastic bags or containers and smuggle food out of then cafeteria. I used to smuggle out fruit, sandwiches, even salads for the semesters that my class schedule conflicted with cafeteria hours.  You have to smuggle it out, most college cafeterias won't let you take food out. 

Avoid casseroles that list ingredients from previous days meals. Those are often what make one sick. Ugh.

Set junk food boundaries. for me I ate one small dessert a day, and added a fruit or vegetable with each meal. 

If you can have a microwave and a small fridge, go for it! Especially if you have access to a grocery store,  but even if you don't, it's a great way to save smuggled food without it going bad, 

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