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*deep breath* And go?

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Ugh. Introductions... I hate these things. I'm primarily anti-social unless I'm among my own kind, and even then I prefer to lurk and cheer others on. 


Historically speaking, I was extremely healthy in high school about twelve years ago. Halfway to black belt in Tae Kwon Do, I had very lean muscle and very fast reflexes and I was a dancer. My husband introduced me to World Of Warcraft when we started dating six and a half years ago, and I started working in fast food. I stopped attending weekly square and English dances on Friday nights, I picked up Halo and Minecraft and Magic The Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons. My health started declining slowly.


We got married in 2013 and my diet became very stereotypical American fried food as I worked two jobs (same as he did) just to stay alive. I had my first son in 2015 and became very sick and afterward, losing thirty pounds in one month and gaining almost sixty the next month. About nine months later, life went to hell and I became stressed beyond what I thought I could endure with family dying and working sixty to seventy hour work weeks in tech support. This went on for about seven months, and I went to the doctor to determine why. I then discovered I was five months pregnant with my second child. Once my second son was born three weeks early in November of last year, I suddenly began feeling health return and I was painfully aware of the fat, the lethargy, the diet that was not improving my low blood sugar conditions.


I missed dancing and yoga and kickboxing and being active, but had no time or physical ability to return to where I was twelve years ago. I stand now at 5'5'', rather than my normal 5'6'' due to back issues from sedentary behavior, and around 240 pounds. I have no interest in food, I have a caloric intake of around 800 a day, and in the last three days, I have had two cups of water. There is much work to be done and it feels extremely overwhelming. I've been hiding behind my tech support cubicle, and my obsession with foreign languages. 


I have been moved to second shift now, working ten hour days four days a week instead of seventeen or eighteen hour days five days a week, and I now have an abundance of time on my hands (and a very energetic toddler I need to be able to keep up with) but very little motivation to get started and very little accountability once I do. Eventually, I want to become an assassin. But I believe for now the beginning of my path might lie along the druidic way, healing my mind as well as my body in preparation for the great things to come. 


Starting stats:



I do feel as I have to clarify, I am not pretty as far as charisma stands. But I have a very forceful and visible personality, with very high Intimidation rolls even in my current state. Eventually, I'll upload a recent photo.

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Starting Afresh - Battle Log

"You start off as a level one human with no class. At all." - Munchkin Player's Guide

"What is the you that you've dreamed of? Who do you see in the mirror? Go on your path. Even if you live for a day, do something, put away your weakness." - BTS No More Dream translated

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On 2/24/2017 at 9:44 PM, Vendettaressa said:

unless I'm among my own kind


After reading your bio, I can tell you that you are most definitely among your own kind. So many of us are married with children, jobs, and busy lives, but we're all grasping at as much opportunity to be healthier and happier as we can. The health/fitness world can be an intimidating and often demeaning place. But The Rebellion is THE most supportive and understanding group I have ever seen, especially for people who are either new or don't really fit into the usual "fitness" category. You are not only among your own kind, you are also among good company and maybe even some friends.


And if sharing your own story isn't your thing, you are welcome to cheer others on any time. I know I could use it.


Welcome, and please let me know if I can support you in any way.

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Welcome to the Rebellion!  @Wolfen nailed it in his response so I don't have much to add.  But good luck and you can definitely reach out to me too if you have any questions as I am also fairly new here.

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