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Are You Ready For Adventure?

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So, I have an idea for next challenge, and I wanted to see if anyone was interested. 


I have always been interested in dungeons specifically (like in the Warcraft PVE definition). I loved that feeling of getting a group together and raiding or doing a 5 man heroic. Or back in the day I loved that feeling or running Wailing Caverns and the Deadmines. I have been a tank and a healer in most RP games I have played. In last bout with WOW I raided with three toons: 3 tanks (DK, demon hunter, and druid) and I healed (pally & sometimes druid). 


Since my last return to NF I worked a lot on getting back to being consistent, which has been a hug success. I have not missed a workout since the start of the year, and I am dropping weight like crazy. But, just doing be consistent workouts are getting boring again...so here is the idea for my next challenge-I want to do a dungeon.


The idea is to get 2-3 people to join me on my next 4 week challenge (which will be 5 weeks since I use week 0). 1-2 DPS (assassin, monk, ranger, 2-H warrior etc.) and 1 healer (preferably a druid, but really anyone who meditates, does yoga, or tai chi-etc.). I will be the warrior (death knight if get to RP a little) tank-its kind of my thing. I want to work through a dungeon type scenario that asks everyone to do something outside their normal challenge and workout. The goal is to stay accountable and push to do a little more. There may be some goals that are for everyone like walk/run an extra ten miles to get the the entrance or some more specific like assassin do, like 25 extra box jumps. At the end we all get some loot! I am thinking about modeling the first dungeon off of something old school wow like Shadow Fang Keep.


If you are interested respond here with your class, what type of workouts your normally do, and stuff you would like to start doing. I love being a team leader and this seems like a great way to support each other. This will not be in accountability, because this is going to be my main challenge-so I will probably ask more of me than you. I am open to ideas and suggestions.


So are you ready for adventures? 


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“I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.” -John Galt

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