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Paleo on a College Meal Plan


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Poor college student here. So I tried paleo very recently, but it severely backfired, mainly because of two reasons. First, since I'm on a college meal plan, I don't always have access to yummy paleo foods. Also, with the way the meal plan is set up, students can come in at any time and get unlimited amounts of anything. You can have 5 cookies, 2 brownies, a waffle with ice cream, anything at any given time. This means that I'm CONSTANTLY surrounded by temptation, which is what did me in when I first tried paleo. But my diet is really getting out of hand, and since my body felt really good on paleo, I'd like to try it again. Any advice and encouragement for avoiding temptation would be appreciated. Also, any dorm room paleo snack ideas I could try? 

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Do they have an open salad bar or a good vegetable selection?


Give yourself one meal a week you can have whatever you want that is there. Just make sure it's a meal you can sit, eat slowly, and be able to savor since it's meant to help curb the temptations the rest of the week.


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Paleo is so popular now that you might be able to make a push for a paleo option depending on the size of your school.  You could also look at starting a student group if you have any friends that would be interested.  Our student groups could apply for school-funded budgets which would allow you to plan and put on meals (and add some leadership/organization to your resume).


My wife gives me a hard time because when we were in school I would scour the whole meal hall to build my own meal from pieces of what was available.  It took a lot more work, but it was worth it in my mind.


No disrespect to Halo, but I know we were limited in what we could carry out of the meal halls too.  I could have definitely scored some hard boiled eggs, but taking chicken or steak would have been a no-go.

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Thank you all for the advice! As far as my meal options go, there's a decent salad bar and a vegan section. They even have guacamole! They also have a grill and a deli section. Then there's one more section where there's usually steamed or cooked veggies of sorts, a sometimes meats like fish or chicken. My options are actually pretty good. 


Unfortunately, I can't take too much food out of the dining halls. The school got rid of takeout since people could come in at any point anyway. Technically, we're not allowed to take anything but fruit. Still, I have my own containers, and I could probably smuggle some hard boiled eggs out for later.


My other big issue is breakfast. The school uses some egg mixture instead of just eggs to make scrambled eggs and omelets. I don't want to eat eggs with a bunch of chemicals in them. This reduces breakfast options to fruit, chicken sausage or bacon, and sometimes hard boiled eggs. Hard boiled eggs are served every other day, for some reason. Like I said, I'm  considering stealing eggs, so that could give me a decent breakfast. 


I'm considering writing the school and asking them to use REAL eggs instead of fake stuff.

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If your school is anything like my work canteen, the choice to use a pasteurised egg mix is less to do with cost and more to do with health and safety.


Chemicals as a whole really aren't that big of a deal because everything is made up of chemicals. It really depends on which chemicals they are, and generally a lot of them are less "scary" than they sound.

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