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Please help: Breakfast, Desserts/Sweets, Easy Lunch

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I'm currently a student and I travel between my parents' home and my boyfriend's home multiple times per week. Their eating-habits aren't exactly bad, but they're not that great either. At my bf's it's usually me who cooks. I'm also reliant on homemade lunch because we don't have a cafeteria or restaurant near the school and even the supermarket is ridiculously small for the number of people frequenting it. We're lucky we have one microwave for a student-body of probably more than 500.


Problem #1: Breakfast

It takes me a long time to get going in the mornings, so I don't have time to prepare anything fancy for breakfast. I used to eat cereals or muesli with milk or sometimes yoghurt, but that didn't feel too satisfying and it also gets quite expensive. If I only eat toast with jam or honey I'll be hungry again soon. I currently habe oats with nuts, raisins and yoghurt for breakfast, but I keep forgetting to buy more yoghurt, so now I'm looking for alternatives. I don't really eat eggs or bacon or anything savoury/salty for breakfast except maybe for weekends, and I'm running out of ideas...


Problem #2:

I'm a sucker for sweets and desserts. I love chocolate and cookies and cakes. I love to bake. But I have no idea how to get a good balance. I'm usually not eating as much as I used to, but I miss baking cakes. But I also hate feeling somewhat guilty for eating biscuits or chocolate to try and get me through a stressful day. Is there such a thing as healthy alternatives that won't recquire lots of fancy ingredients I'd have to get for lots of money at a specialised store? Because I still feel like my soul would appreciate these sweet moments in life.


Problem #3:

I'm a sucker for comfort-food. If I don't manage to prepare lunch or grab some leftovers I usually just quickly cook some noodles and throw some store-bought sauces or pestos and parmesan in. If I do manage to cook or have some leftovers, it's not unlikely for it to be something that may not be so very ideal as my go-to-recipes when faced with the question of what to cook. Jambalays probably isn't so bad, but Lasagna and Mac'n Cheese and pasta-bakes all have noodles in them again, which is usually recommended to stay away from in this forum as far as I've seen. I know that meal-prep is important, but I'm having trouble making it a habit because I feel like I have a rather limited repertoire of go-to-dishes while wanting more diversity, and also I keep forgetting about it and only remember that I should have cooked when I'm already supposed to be in bed because otherwise I won't get enough sleep and be completely useless the next day...


Sorry for the long post, but I didn't want to spam the forum with multiple ones ^^"

Any kind of help would be really appreciated :)

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My perspective is not one of Paleo adherence, but I generally eat low-calorie and high-protein when losing weight.


Most of what you're mentioning is totally reasonable.


1 - I used to eat plain Greek yogurt for breakfast. Now I don't bother, I just have coffee. Personally I'm not a fan of eggs, they have a fair number of calories and not much protein, they're not a great bang for the buck. These days if I really need something I'll have a protein shake or protein bar.


2 - I know those feels. I love cooking, and a lot of the fun recipes have to go away while I lose weight. If you really want to bake something, go for something easily portionable, like brownies. There are lots of recipes out there for high-protein, low-cal brownies. (Be careful of paleo baking recipes, as they tend to have at least as much fat and approximately as many carbs. They may be gluten-free, but they will not be advantageous for bodyfat loss.)


3 - I don't cook for lunch on workdays. I just make a sandwich with reduced-fat cheese and a ton of meat. Easy to put together and I can store half the fixin's in the work fridge. And no life or bedtime disruption.

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Regarding problem #1, this used to be me too! I grew up in a home where sugary cereal was the usual breakfast meal, so it's what I was used to. At two points in my life (college and when I first started working) I just didn't have time in the morning to make or eat breakfast, so I skipped it and ate something small at brunch-time instead. I'm trying to get back in that habit now, delaying when I first eat food, because delaying really helped keep my weight down. I only have coffee for breakfast now (and that's only so I don't fall asleep while driving to work!)


#2 - I also love baking! It's such a rewarding and delicious thing to do. Ironically though, I don't like sweets much (I'm more of a savory person) so my tactic is to bake to my heart's content and then foist all the goodies onto friends, family, and coworkers. Let them enjoy the fruit of your labour!


#3 - I like to call myself a Carb Monster. I love love love carbs, always have... noodles and rice make me happy. So I haven't cut them out of my life entirely, I don't beat myself up if I have them, but I do try to make a conscious and deliberate decision to reduce how much of it I eat, i.e. a spoonful of rice instead of a bowlful.


One of the things I noticed in your post is that you mention forgetting stuff... have you tried using an app to manage your to-do lists? I use a meal planner app to sort out what I'm eating for each meal during the week, and a tasklist app to keep track of what groceries I need. I even set up the tasklist app to send me reminders when I leave work, so that I know to go to the grocery store or go straight home and start cooking.


Good luck!

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I tend to avoid breakfast as an actual meal, but I've got a massive love for peanut butter banana energy bites.  There's a ton of recipes on the googles, and you can tailor them to suit your taste pretty easily.  I like to freeze them, so if I want a sweet cold treat I've got something non-junky I can enjoy.  


With no meat in my diet, I definitely have carbs as a filler in meals pretty often, love m some pasta.  I've honestly found that portioning is more important than cutting out all carbs.  If I'm making pasta then it's a side dish part of the meal, not the whole meal, and I overload the veggies as the main part.  Meat-eaters have the meats to go in there too.  If there's not an allergy/actual reason for you to cut out pasta, don't feel like you have to.  It's not for everyone.


The recipe section here is pretty good.  I recommend foodgawker to literally everyone, it's the most fabulous recipe site I've found on the interwebs.  And you can filter it so specifically to find what you want.  If it exists, it's on foodgawker.

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Hey MissCurlyFrog!


#1 I've had the same issues!  I'm just finishing my nursing degree so between classes, clinical, and work came some not so great food decisions. :P

The best solution I've found for breakfast so far is to make a smoothie the night before, leave it in the fridge and you're good to go in the morning!  I got a little blender bottle so it's easy to mix up as you go (it'll separate a bit weirdly overnight) and it's the only way I actually get breakfast in.  I usually drink it throughout the morning too since, even though I LOVE breakfast foods, I don't like eating right away when I get up, especially for 8am classes or 7am shift starts!  My typical smoothie is frozen fruit/berries, ground flaxseed powder and half a scoop of chocolate protein powder, but it took several tries to figure out what I liked and how much to include.


#2 Honestly, I still struggle with this.  I made brownies with butterscotch chips yesterday and they were sooooo good!  I agree with everyone else saying to give them away.  I made them for a potluck and it was nice because I had a few (more than I should have!) but I couldn't sit there and devour the whole pan because they weren't there!  I'm finding that 70% dark chocolate bars are great because you get a bit of the chocolate flavour to satisfy the craving but it's also dark enough that I don't want more than a little bit. 


#3 I'm a stress-eater and comfort food is another vice for me.  No real tips here, but I'm going to try @Plazmotic and @Dalish's tips for carbs and comfort food!


Good luck! 

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I don't really care for hardboiled eggs, but you know what's good?  Egg muffins.  Beat some eggs with spices of choice, optionally vegges/cheese, and pour into greased muffin tin.  Bake until cooked, wrap and refrgerate.  Voila, you have a grab and go breakfast (nuke before eating if you can't stand em cold).  Or, make your beloved toast, microwave a scrambled egg, and have McSandwich for breakfast.  I like a bagel and egg sandwich with hot sauce.


Sweets are not healthy no matter what you put in em, so you might as well call it a treat and have just a few bites, very slowly, while focusing on your treat and not doing anything else.  (No snacking in front of the computer, or whatever you do for work!)  I like to have tea or coffee with the treat, as the bitterness and caffeine help balance the sugar, and the extra water helps fill you up.  Try to stick to just one serving of sweetness per day.  If you need more of a boost, eat some real food, get up and stretch, or go out for a few minutes of fresh air.




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