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Jedi and the Final Wedding Countdown

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On 3/31/2017 at 4:34 PM, EricMN said:

The cinnamon roll is pretty dang tasty. Apple pie is the best I've had.

I didn't end up needing it last week so it's today's snack. So ready!


On 4/1/2017 at 0:34 PM, Sloth the Enduring said:

I've tried a few different protein powders and can never get them to dissolve in coffee. They mostly clump unappetizingly.

Oh dear. Well back to protein shakes then. Or protein pancakes haha


On 4/1/2017 at 2:44 PM, Shadri said:


Yassss :D That is awesome to hear!

Thanks! My dress was gorgeous on me during my portraits ^_^ I'm so thrilled!


So things are going okay. I'm giving myself a bit of a pass this week with working out because it's a WEIRD week. No car (broken down, maybe permanantly dead), friend hanging out tonight, Fiance either Tuesday or Wednesday evening for more job stuff, obnoxious day yesterday with car, lack of sleep, marriage certificate Friday, Bachelorette Saturday, Going home Thursday.... It's a heck of a week. I decided I get a pass because so much stuff is happening.

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So I'm giving this challenge a failed grade, but I also am not upset about it either. I've had two straight weeks of high stress, and absolutely no spare time. My body was so upset about how I was treating it that I ended up sick this week! So I worked from home yesterday and am doing so again today. I've done a lot of resting so that my body can heal from both my illness and the stress that I've been under. I've slept more in the past two days than I have in weeks it feels like. Just proof that I hadn't been taking care of myself enough. But I'm doing better about that now, and I'm basically forced to rest. Thanks, nasty cold?


I have not been able to work out at all, sadly enough. But I have been eating fairly well, and if I keep an eye on things I'll be in fairly well off for my wedding dress in EXACTLY 11 DAYS. So I'm not too bothered about things. I should have expected that I'd not have a lot of time to work out this close to the wedding, but I'll give myself kudos for trying. Haha. I honestly wanted to work out this week but then I got sick and figured I'd rather rest up and get rid of this cold. I'll most definitely want to be well for my wedding! I feel less awful today than I did yesterday, which is a MAJOR improvement.


This will be my last challenge for a bit. I need to take a bit of a break so that I can focus on getting married, honeymoon, and similar things. If all goes well, I'll be back in here for the challenge that starts in the middle/end of May. I'll miss you all so so much <3 Keep me in your thoughts and prayers as the next couple of months happen! Fiance is still looking for a job, Apt still needs a subleaser, actual wedding is about to happen, final planning stages need to exist, trying to move without a car, transportation issues, fiance is sad to leave all of his friends.


All is not perfect in my world, but there are good things too! Examples:

- Wedding soon

- I have a close friend here in my town finally ^_^

- Fiance moving here soon

- New apartment is LOVELY

- Person coming to look at apartment tonight

- most of my stuff is packed

- My Magic bands for Disney came in yesterday! 

- The phone bill went down by like $50


So yeah :)

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Hello everyone :) I have had an adventure of  month (or so)! I'm just gonna post about everything here because my lovely friends know where this is, but not my battle log >_>


To Summarize:

- I got married

- I spent 4 days at Walt Disney World

- Hubby and I moved in together <3 (FINALLY)

- I chopped off ALL my hair and it is gorgeous

- I kinda lost a lot of weight in an unsustainable manner before my wedding (read- crash diet) and have now gained it back plus some. (I knew this would happen, I just wanted to fit in the dress)


It is most fortuitous that I came back here right as there's a challenge starting Sunday. I will be thinking about my goals and how I can slowly start getting myself back in the mindset because my mental health about my physical appearance is very very bad. I want to keep the mental health forefront.


So I'll be thinking about how I can do such things. My "soft goals" are probably 1) only weighing myself once a week, 2) food log 3) stretch 4) 2 bbww per week

But I'm not sure yet so I'll see how it goes this week kinda trying to play with those goals and see how I work with them.


And again, hello all, I've missed you! <3

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3 hours ago, Shadri said:

Heyyyy <3 glad to see you back! Did you have fun at DIDNEY WORL??



OMG it was so fantastic!! Hubby and I went to a Star Wars dinner and dessert party and we got to take pictures with a Jawa and he faced off against a stormtrooper xD Legit everyone kept telling us congrats (they give you pins to wear) and there was this restaurant that had this juice from absolute heaven! (mango, orange, and... something. It was divine. There's something like it at Costco)


How have you been? I've missed you :) I haven't been on here in like two months

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