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[CAT TAKEOVER] Severine displays uncanny feline balance


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The long-awaited moment has arrived: it's time for the CAT TAKEOVER challenge! A bunch of forum veterans banded together and decided we would all do cat-themed challenges this time. If you want to join, please do! Anyone can pepper their thread with copious numbers of cat gifs! And who can deny that cats are worth emulating?? They're good at stretching, eating well, and getting enough sleep. They've got athleticism, grace, and poise. They've got high self esteem on lockdown and they don't let anyone tell them what to do. When they want something, they go after it.



"I daresay, old chap, cats ARE rather impressive."


So let's all be cats, yo. I'm going to emulate one of the thing cats are best known for: 





And I'm striving for balance in two senses of the word:

  • Literal: my actual balance kind of sucks. Since I'm into rock climbing and just started aikido, I have good reasons to try to improve it.
  • Figurative: a balanced life is a happy life. I've made recent progress and I want to keep it going. I need sustainable progress in various areas, all in balance with each other.








Cats don't eat junk. I will emulate their good judgement by:

- Continuing my no chocolate rule (exceptions for restaurant desserts, or if a friend bakes me a gift)

- Limiting takeout to once per week

- Keeping a calorie deficit (on average) to keep losing weight

- Tracking my food





Cats are the ultimate natural athletes. I am not. It will be a long quest to match their might. I will:

- Continue working out every day as part of my morning routine

- Continue stretching every morning as part of my morning routine

- Do bodyweight strength training twice per week

- Rock climb once per week and go to aikido at least twice a week






Cats are much better at relaxing than I am. I will embrace my inner feline by:

- Getting enough sleep: stick to 12am bedtime/7am wakeup time (exception: on weekends can sleep in until 8:30)

- Going to therapy every week

- Writing in my Hobonichi and journal for at least a few minutes each day






I love rock climbing and I just started aikido. Both require elements of balance and, let's face it, it doesn't come naturally to me. I need to strengthen my stabilizer muscles and improve my balance. So I am issuing myself a daily dare: pick a balancing pose (e.g. standing on one leg with other extended) and hold it for as long as possible. Work to improve the length of time I can hold the pose over the course of the challenge.



Let the cat frenzy begin!!


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lol @Dagger my first thought upon seeing that gif was "that poor bearded dragon!"  Just trying to enjoy its bath and the cat ruins everything.

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This is an awesome challenge @Severine! Following, for sure, and I'm here to support in any way I can.



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38 minutes ago, Hypotheticalfox said:

You've all inspired me. I'm going to make my challenge cat themed too


Yesssssss it's spreading!

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Just started aikido? cat lover? YOU BELONG IN THE MONKS!


Hi, I'm The Shogun, from the Monks Guild. Make sure to pay us a visit, we have a few nerds and aikidokas who will be glad to answer any questions about the art, I know because one of them is one of my closest friends and I botherText him all the time and he always replies. =D


Seriously, you'll be most welcome there. 

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One shot, one life.



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Come baaaaaaaaaaaaaack we miss your face. Hope everything's okay. <3

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On 23/03/2017 at 3:23 AM, fleaball said:

Come baaaaaaaaaaaaaack we miss your face. Hope everything's okay. <3


This one! Waiting for updates!!!

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