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DyDy's first quest


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Here goes nothing! For my first quest, I have some thing that need to be improved.


I'm a rugger by hard (rugby, that is) and I have decided to also become an official. I got my official IRB offical certificate and some tournaments are coming up, but my cardio is a bit off. So, I want to tackle that (get it? get it???!). Next quest I'm going to put some goals about refreshing the laws or such. However, cardio is still my biggest concern. I also notice that if I want my body to be healthy, I need to wind down more.


So, without further delay, here are my goals for my challenge.


1. Clear desk everyday. Also a task from my Epic QuestTM.

2. Set 30 minutes of relaxation/mediation a day

3. Improve my cardio by doing three times a week. Oh, and a 2.5K. Or 5.


I have started with point three this week. I'm going to see if I can start with the others early too.


What do you think? Good goals for my first challenge?

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Hey there, DyDy! I'm a challenge newbie, too - this is only my second challenge. Welcome to the fun!!


I think your goals are great. A little physical, mental, and personal. Niiiice! I'll be following along. I'm ready for all the rugby updates



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@-Key- Love that GIF. Props are awesome (guess which row I love to stand!)


@ Terra, thanks, I'm glad I did it as well.


So, I should add "checking in every day" for the next challenge, because boy, I forgot.


Anyway, relaxation goals went well, cardio was a struggle but it worked, yet I failed to clear my desk on two days: yesterday and last thursday. Last thursday I heard that some people were talking behind my back (and making decisions they liked and were easy for them but I had to uphold them or....) and yesterday I was guilt tripped into attending a birthday. Very energy consuming. Yet, I did 'made up' by getting up earlier the day after and clearing my desk first thing.

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If you check back in, let us know how your running is going! Rugby is the only team sport I enjoyed playing in school, becoming an official is pretty cool. :)

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