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Talos is filled with DETERMINATION

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Okay! It's finally time for a retrospective on this challenge, such as it was.


The goals, in review:


Try two new recipes per week:

- I didn't quite make this goal, but I tried a handful of new things. Notable examples included a pineapple stir-fry (tasty, but the noodles I used weren't great), and most recently, I successfully fermented my own sauerkraut - a strange sort of achievement, but an achievement nonetheless. :P 


Complete three guitar lessons per week:

- Not even close, but I did keep playing and practicing most days. I also learned some basic rhythm chords for mandolin!


Four workouts per week:

- I didn't keep super close track of this, but I think I met this goal. I usually ended up doing two or three "regular" workouts (running, weights) during the week, and then one or two trips for fun events. I went bouldering, hiking, mountain biking, and set a PR in that 10k, so not too shabby. I'll be refocusing on my OCR workouts for the next challenge.


Socializing with people:

- This got progressively better over the challenge. I think maybe the second week I didn't have much contact, but I did manage to see/talk to a lot of friends over the second half of the challenge, especially last week. I've actually settled on cold-calling a lot of people to catch up, which is working much better than I expected. I think rather than being annoyed, a lot of friends are happy that someone would just call them out of the blue because they wanted to hear from them. :) 



Thanks for following along, as always. Links to the next challenge to come.

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Yooo, I finally (finally!) got another challenge up - or in this case, my Half-Life Half-Challenge. Would love to have you along for the ride.


Join the fun over here: 


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