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I'm joining the Warriors after a nomadic year on Nerd Fitness. I've had a modest amount of success so far...


 Since October, 2015, i:

  • Sold my Jeep and primarily walk or bike when I travel solo
  • Have food prep days to have healthy meals available when I don't want to cook 
  • Replaced soda with sparkling water
  • Quit guzzling caffeine, alcohol, and juice
  • Found a gym buddy 
  • Got involved with my husband's active hobby (German longsword, Spanish rapier)
  • Put work into emotional blerg that was holding me back
  • Started tracking food
  • Created a support/accountability network
  • Have a goal/reward system drawn out
  • Found the Hogwarts Running Club and earned medals
  • Started C25k and completed a (very, very slow) 10k
  • Lost 15 pounds and went down a pants/bra size
  • Drink over two liters of (good) fluids per day regularly



...but I am not much fitter than when I started and certainly no where near where I want to be. My diet and portion sizes are usually pretty okay, but I've learned that the more I tax my body the easier it is to eat clean. Cake has nothing on steak after a tough workout.




My goals are going to be pretty simple to start:

  • Week One: Food prep for the week, read Starting Strength, be active, and use planner every day
  • Week Two: All of the above, plus one more serving of koalaty veggies every day
  • Week Three: All of the above, plus reducing my grain intake to one serving a day
  • Week Four: One week of the above


I've found that tackling one goal per week is the best way for me to have a successful challenge; once I finish week four, I'll keep those habits up for an additional four weeks to make them stick. Week one is just a minor step up from my current habits, so it's a comfortable place to get started.




Starting Strength arrives in a couple hours (WHOO) and I have plans to start food prep. I'll be making Generic Flavored Hamburger, breakfast sandwiches, and a pasta cake for my husband. We usually don't eat at the same time, so having a microwavable something at home and packing lunch is the best way to prevent fast food. 



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Had a successful day yesterday! I made 30 breakfast sandwiches, 2 troughs of the pasta cake for husband, and 3 pounds of Generic Beef for myself. While in a lull waiting on the eggs to cook, I got my planner set up for the challenge, complete with reminders and colorful scheduling. 




I did notice that we are somewhat shorthanded in the vegetable drawer, so I'm going to have a freezer fajita for one of my meals to supplement the gigantic bag of baby carrots. 




Today I'm going to go to the gym first thing, go back and wash the dishes, and probably take a nap. I got into bed around midnight and woke up at 5:30. I've been working on my sleep schedule, but a semisolid eight hours of sleep still eludes me. As a housespouse with commitments no earlier than 10:30, you'd think I would have the opposite problem.




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On 3/18/2017 at 2:08 PM, Koaladle said:


  • Week Two: All of the above, plus one more serving of koalaty veggies every day


there better be more of these puns to come! 


On 3/19/2017 at 6:20 AM, Koaladle said:

Had a successful day yesterday! I made 30 breakfast sandwiches, 2 troughs of the pasta cake for husband, and 3 pounds of Generic Beef for myself. While in a lull waiting on the eggs to cook, I got my planner set up for the challenge, complete with reminders and colorful scheduling. 






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Jǫrð, Delvian Nomad - Level 12 { Battle Log }

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2 hours ago, Taddea Zhaan said:

there better be more of these puns to come! 

My puns are not high koalaty, I'd be lion if I claimed they were roar (rare? Not sure if that last one passes the "works outside of my head" test). 


2 hours ago, Taddea Zhaan said:


It is a glorious recipe of mine own invention: one box of pasta (ziti, bowties, elbows, but I've never tried with spaghetti so WHO KNOWS!) to one jar of sauce mixed together with Meat of Choice (Italian sausage this week) and topped with fresh mozzarella. One of the sauces was plain and boring and I had to kick it up a notch with some pork sausage, hamburger, and onion but it came out AMAZING. It's much better than the family favorite (Mid's Italian Sausage) and my hope is that I get to have a bowl or two before it disappears. 


"Doing the Cook, Wanting the Sit"

By Housespouse





Like, after a minute. I did indeed get up after posting but noticed that my phone was low on charge. It is my #2 tool at the gym (right after limbs) because I use it for entertainment, form reference, but most importantly Charity Miles. If you're going to be on a treadmill anyway, you might as well raise money for the charity of your choice. BUT ANYWAY while I waited on my phone, I ate breakfast, got a nosebleed, and fell asleep. 


It came on with a sudden



Not the most common series of events, but I got that nap in.


I woke up late, got to the gym late, LIFTED THE THINGS, went on a nice little run, came home to a 30 minute leave-the-house warning, and only had our friends waiting for about ten minutes. That may sound insane (it does to my husband--he goes from out of bed to out the door in that amount of time), but it takes half an hour just to dry my attractive dead protein if I'm rushing with zero effort towards styling. Add in time for daily skincare needs and the Bra vs Wet Body Battle and 40 minutes is a respectable effort. The friends that came over are laid back anyway, so they brushed off my apologies with a genuine "fitness is important". We did eventually make it out of the house; first stop was the jetty to watch the ships come into port and keep an eye out for dolphins (op success), then Lady Friend and I hit the beach to search for seashells (another op success). After the boys finished their cigars, it was off to Town Center to gawk at the swanky storefronts (Tesla? Tiffany's? Are y'all lost? O.o ) and eventually we were off to dinner. 


We do not resemble the Foo Fighters

(except for the sword and silly head wear)



I used my planner in the morning to set goals for the day (every once in a while I actually have an event so it's helpful for that too), logged food, drank water, followed workout schedule, ATE PROTEIN, and walked a whopping 14,000+ steps (at least 75% of which were in cowboy boots).


Just like this





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  • Recovery time at the gym (gym buddy's efforts have inspired her sisters to join us! <3) 
  • Use planner
  • Follow normal health habits (log food/activity, drink water, hit step goal)
  • Scourgify kitchen
  • Nap with Cuddle Monster as necessary (despite going to bed early and following Blue Light Curfew, I woke up at 3am and didn't get back to sleep until after 6 WHY)


ALSO! I am in need of Fitbit buddies! Please let me know if you're interested in rousing, competitive leg woobles!


Making my way downtown


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I don't know what in the hell is going on at my gym, but I am FURIOUS. The creeps were creepin heavy today.


And like, not as low-brow entertainment



JERK ONE: While we were stretching out at the beginning of our visit, I saw this guy walk up behind us in the mirror. Immediately I get uncomfortable--I've been working through my fear of creeps at the gym for years so when anyone comes up behind me I get hyper alert. At this point, he's just a fellow patron going for the cleaner so I tell Fear to chill out: I have two friends with me, it's daytime, we're in public, this is a safe place. We bend over to stretch our hamstrings and GUESS WHO WALKS RIGHT UP to offer personal training and a full body workout since we look new.




STOP. STOP. STOPSTOPSTOP. This is WILDLY inappropriate, against gym rules (they have a professional trainer), and creepy as hell to boot. "Nope, we're good, thanks, bye" popped out of my mouth before I figured out what I was going to say. He scuttled away with a smoldering glare.




We warmed up with a walk on the treadmills and made our way over to the weight area. While I was going over the talking points on elevated pushup form out of the way of mirrors, other members, and any other resource that could explain the interruption, Creep the Second comes up and asked "are you girls using weights?" Girl? Girl? I haven't been a girl since 2004; I am a retired vet; I vote; I am a grownass woman, thanks.




"Yes. We are."


"Did you do your cardio before or after coming here?"




"Well actually, I've been doing this for 35 years and..." he continued to belch out unsolicited advice about how to run our workout--which was developed by pros--until I shut him down with


"THERE'S PLENTY OF SCIENCE SUPPORTING BOTH IDEAS. WE JUST HAVE TO DO WHAT FEELS BEST FOR OUR OWN BODIES." He kept talking until I turned my back. I almost let it all go, but my better judgement prevailed and I let the staff member behind the front desk know what happened. Unsolicited attention is not common there (thank God), but it is posted on every wall that members are not to interfere with the efforts of others. Today was just a test of my damn patience. 




It's taken years for me to find the confidence to go to a gym, and all I want so that I have a pleasant time is to be LEFT ALONE, you know? If I'm addressed by another member, I sure hope that sentence includes "please", "you're welcome", or "excuse me" because other than polite, brief requests for space, access, or assistance I don't want to chat.

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1 hour ago, Taddea Zhaan said:

I'm really proud of you for taking a stand! It's not easy to speak your mind about gym creeps and to gym creeps. 


Also, headphones. Apply liberally. 

Thank you! My gym buddies were glad that I reported it, and once the dust settled I was proud of myself too. I've had a ton of bad experiences with harassment and for a long time I just let that behavior slide; but the gym? That's my happy place. Do not disturb my happy place with your weak self esteem and need for validation.


As for headphones, sometimes it's not practical, and I'm finding that the weight area is one of those places. When it gets crowded I need the ears to inform me that someone is attempting to communicate; I can be paying attention and still be in a bad spot. God help us all if I get startled with weights in my hand.


If it happens again (not likely, because it is very much against the rules), I have plenty of comebacks at the ready with varying degrees of venom, and I will definitely let the front desk know. 

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Today did not go according to plan at all but it did end up on a high note. I spent most of the morning trying to find a restaurant downtown with outdoor seating for our last dinner out with our visiting friends, but had to cross-reference with the type of food they wanted to eat. I'm not very familiar with the fare over there, so it took literal hours to figure out where to go that would fit the bill. I missed my gym time this morning, and then we four got lost in conversation together till 9, and when I checked my step count it was under 2000 steps--pretty awful for an active recovery day. Off I went to the gym a couple hours before bedtime, did a gentle run/walk (had an OMFG INTERVAL SETTING MEANS C2-10K moment), earned one of my Hogwarts Running Club medals (Fantastic Beasts 5k) and with a literal minute to spare, made the step goal. 




I also made a Gym Friend while joking around in the locker room! She goes every day too (active rest day better than couch rest day philosophy) so we have plans to meet up tomorrow, and I can introduce her to my other Gym Ladies. SO EXCITE



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59 minutes ago, Koaladle said:

I also made a Gym Friend while joking around in the locker room! She goes every day too (active rest day better than couch rest day philosophy) so we have plans to meet up tomorrow, and I can introduce her to my other Gym Ladies. SO EXCITE



Good job... I've only ever made 2 gym "friends"... one of them is a hipster doofus that just loves talking about himself - but at least he knows what powerlifting is and I can have a decent conversation. The other dude inconsiderately moved away.

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Neutral Gargoyle Warrior with a dash of Ranger/Monk/Adventurer. Now LEVEL 9!  My Instagram

STR 78, CON 31, DEX 1, INT 21, WIS 13.5, CHA 4

Meet lifts: SQ 175kg, B 112.5kg, Dead 215kg.   Gym lifts: SQ 185kg, B 132.5kg, Dead 220kg

Nerd Stuff: Sci Fi TV, Sci Fi + Fantasy Books, Classic Space Lego, Warhammer 40K...

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6 hours ago, Blocky said:


Good job... I've only ever made 2 gym "friends"... one of them is a hipster doofus that just loves talking about himself - but at least he knows what powerlifting is and I can have a decent conversation. The other dude inconsiderately moved away.


I apparently suck at making gym friends. LOL. I had one at my local gym but I never go there any more. 


I'm in the PL club, so we all work out together 2-3 times a week. There is only one I'm really chatty with but I think we have vastly different political/religious views so IMO it will stay a "gym friendship". 


I definitely need to figure out a way to meet more people that is not the gym or book club because neither of those have panned out. :highly_amused:

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Jǫrð, Delvian Nomad - Level 12 { Battle Log }

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11 hours ago, Blocky said:

The other dude inconsiderately moved away.




(A pun!)


5 hours ago, Taddea Zhaan said:

I definitely need to figure out a way to meet more people that is not the gym or book club because neither of those have panned out

I have always met my friends by total chance; I just strike up a conversation and if it goes well (and is appropriate, of course) I either make plans or tell them to text me. Yesterday it was a "I'll meet you tomorrow at" and with my other friends I ushered their dog out of the street last fall. When we moved into our neighborhood, I made an effort to meet all our new neighbors; sometimes it works out great, and other times we talk and go our separate ways. You could always try out different clubs to find that group you enjoy. :) 


I have noticed that meeting dogs and their walking companions is usually positive, but always ask the human if you can approach the dog. Dog is a Very Important Puppy and humans need to keep the schedule moving. 


Who wore it best?



3 hours ago, Primeval said:

Your nomadism was cool while it lasted, but glad you found a home.

You know, I needed some guidance for the shift in routine, and it just made sense. I really enjoy just running challenges at my own pace, so I'll probably be back to battle-log-only status once I find my bearings. :) Also, most of my clan has left NF in some capacity so it's time to emerge and make new friends. 

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Let's see, last update was Wednesday--uhhhhhhhh




I have no idea what I did all day, but that evening I apparently went to the gym and my legs were feeling better, so I ran, lifted, and then ran again earning myself another of my HRC medals. I don't look forward to earning all the 5ks, because the distances after that are like 13 and 21k, so that's going to involve a lot of training before I earn those. -.- That night, I couldn't sleep for the life of me and got something like 3 hours before dawn, two after that, and basically sat around all Thursday waiting for the sleeps to get it together. No gym time; one buddy needed to get her extensions fixed (they straight up slipped five inches from her scalp during her shift and she had to spend six hours that evening getting them redone), and the other twisted her ankle hurrying to take care of a patient. Since I was exhausted and frankly in need of a total rest day anyway, I skipped the gym and didn't even approach any of my goals for that day. Sleep is important for recovery, too!




Going into Friday I got a solid six hours (really great for me) and woke up early to get the house looking respectable. After 15 hours (this is not an exaggeration) of constant furniture moving, dusting, and organizing, I actually almost made my 10,000 step goal; and the house, while not entirely tidy, is quite clean--except husband's office which has a requisite level of chaos for the sake of his sanity. I turned our storage room into a guest room, even dusting the ceiling fan, crown molding, and door frames. There is absolutely nothing on the floor but the bed and a side table, but when I started it was pretty much wall to wall with half unpacked boxes, all vomiting craft supplies or clothes from high school. It was absolutely insane. 

Previously: Me trying to consolidate VS my sentimentality



BUT NO LONGER. The kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and living room are all done and dusted (I actually dusted) and with the exception of a couple other chores everything is in good shape. I mean, I still have a ton of laundry to do, but there's only so much the machine can do in a day and frankly there just hasn't been the time when there's been the energy.


TDLR: below, for a long time



The house once again looks like it is inhabited by adults and perhaps one pet who is very fond of tennis balls, and thus it is ready for both a human and canine house guest. I do have a gym date tomorrow morning, but I didn't get the time confirmed so it may be cancelled. I have no idea. *shrug*


OH! And thanks to practicing good lifting form, I was able to move some heavy stuff BY MYSELF without getting hurt. My and knees are a little sore, but I was also in a crouch or squatting down almost all day so I'm not super surprised. Weird feeling: ice pack on the knee with a heating pad on your back. 


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6 hours ago, MikeWazowski said:

Following along for all the things - but especially the sheer volume of parks and rec gifs.


I put on Parks and Rec for friendly ambient noise when I'm having a hard time with getting work done. I love each and every one of the characters in that department so it almost feels like I'm having friends over--but without the requisite pants. Plus, there's material for almost every situation so it makes my gif search effortless. 


6 hours ago, MikeWazowski said:

*attempted to gif on phone and failed, affirming gif coming later*





56 minutes ago, ixaera said:




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My dog is a great dog for humans. He kisses the feet of babies, cuddles for hours on end, and has been very easy to train (so long as humans are consistent with the rules). Now that we're settled down in our house, he doesn't make messes in the house or destroy furniture. He is a pretty low key buddy and a great first dog. 


But no one, including canines, is perfect. 




Heimdall is unpredictable with other dogs, and just did not like my friend's malamute AT ALL. Despite our careful introductions, our buddy found everything about the other Very Good Boy offensive and we just couldn't get him to be calm and friendly. We finally decided that I would reserve a hotel room and the two of us would stay out there with her fluff and my husband would watch Heimdall. It definitely didn't work out according to plan and I am just so disappointed. Well, we're having a great time together and we have a great room with a killer view, but I was so looking forward to showing off my cooking skills (a skill learned as an adult) and drinking tea on the couch. Plus, I spent all yesterday working my ass off to have a welcoming home. Just kind of a bummer is all. 




BUT! The hotel has a great restaurant, a rooftop pool, the beds are comfortable, and the view of the river is so stunning. It hasn't quite gone according to plan, but the weekend has been really pleasant. I have a pretty okay idea of how my calories are going, and despite drinking and other girls' weekend shenanigans I think I'm well within my calorie goal. WHOO! No gym today (or yesterday) but the hope is that on Sunday after she leaves, I can get the gym ladies together for a date with the weights. Despite lifting furniture and boxes, I miss my squats, presses, and deadlifts. After my last gym day I wasn't sore at all which means A) I haven't found my starting weight yet, and B ) my active recovery is keeping my muscles happy. 


For contrast: unhappy muscles. O.o



Goal is to be back to lifting in earnest on Sunday, with or without my buddies because I am a strong, independent koala and I can gym! 

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