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I'm back, alive and kicking!


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I had a hard time previous two months.

As some of you know I was in psychiatry for a week. And yes, a week isn't that long, but the whole process around takes it time and energy. The reason for getting in and also trying to get the structure back. 

Previous week I've been working with my new dumbbells (10k/each) and looking up new workout routines.

Also I've bene counting calories (first time in my life!!!)




Also I've been painting good the last week, will post some picture after this post!


I won't keep you guys waiting, here's my first goal:


GOAL 1: committing to my new workoutplan


I watched soemthing on youtube about doing a workout period three weeks in a row without resting and then takign a full week rest. The guy said the participants who ddi so had great changes, mostly in that rest week. Can't find the viedeo again though, sorry. I'm always interested int rying out new things and this seems very possible if doign a 5-day split.

So that's what Im going to do. Let's see if this works, The workout is just for keeping healthy so I don't need to push myself very hard or lift heavy, so this seems very possible to me.

I will uodate my workouts every five days. (Ive already done two days in this routine)





GOAL 2: intermittent fasting and counting calories


I foudn it very hard to keep my calorie intake low enough. during this week. I'm not able to really have an idea about my calories aorund diner because I still eat with my parents, but if I feel/measure right I've always been a bit over my max calories. I will eat only dinner as a big meal, my mum is pro heamthy eating so I will always eb able to get the right nutrients and macros.


I have a calorie window between 1800 to 2000 calories if I want to lose weight. 


If I measured right one big meal would take around 60% of my calories. 


That leaves 720 to 800 calories I need to consume outside of my meal: I want this to be mostly protein and a small portion of good carbs


My new daily schedule:


  • Waking up : 07:00 : water 
  • Working out + yoga if feeling right for it (some days I don't have time to also do yoga)
  • 3 hours later I can drink coffee (10:00) I should stop drinking coffee after my first food
  • 17:00: first food of the day: fruit
  • untill and after my meal I have an eatçing window to fill in at least 720 calories (still need to find the best way possible to do this)
    • thinking about: avocado, nuts, milk, eggs, fish, vegetables, fruit
  • 22:00 yoga (possible to skip if I've done it in the morning) and meditation
  • Bedtime 23:00 - 00:00



(and look where it got him...)


GOAL 3: yoga and meditation


Being mindfull is what this goal is about. Or rather being bodyfull, I should start listening more to my body and less to my mind. Do meditation and yoga as much as possible, and not to let my mind control me by doing nothing.

I will try to focus on muladhara chakra this month. I will also study around it and try to learn more.




(I wish I ahd the skill this panda has)


So that's it, but I'm giving myself the opportunity to score bonuspoints: cold shower. I'm just intrested by this phenomenon and the health benefits that come with it. I should only do this directly after a workout.





(yep, that's me tommorow morning in the shower)


I'm always open for advice and stuff... 

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