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Animuse narrows her focus


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From 3/19 - 4/15 Animuse will...


Challenge 1: Wake up at 6AM on weekdays


I/We have been REALLY bad about what time I get in to work. I'm super privileged to work at a place that doesn't really care, but I want to get more out of my day, so leaving earlier would be cool. 

Also because...


Challenge 2: Begin Couch to 5K!


My husband's coworkers want to run a 5K in September, and my husband wants to go with. I... don't run. It's like the last ranger thing I DON'T do. So like a good(?)ranger, I'm gonna learn how. And do it in the morning. Or the evening if I don't get up on time.

Schedule is M/W/F, weight training is T/Th/Su, so that works out pretty well.


Challenge 3: BUDGET MAH SELF


We have some credit card debt we want to pay down by May, and... that isn't happening. So we did a DEEP dive tonight of our finances, and we've budgeted $100 per week that I can use from the debit card for food and things. So we'll see how that goes.




See Challenge 3. Last challenge I just wanted to track if I ate at home or not (and I plan to continue that, 'cause not so much) but bonus points if I attempt to meal prep or bring food to work. 



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Green means I'm working on it, blue means it's DONE! :D

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Week 1:


1: YAS! My excitement has made this happen. Also I get tired at 9pm, and that's sad. Today I woke up at 7 before the alarm went off 😶


2. YAAAAS! We attempted c25k each day. Not up to official week 1 levels, so we're calling it Week 0 :D


3. Also YAAAAS! But I don't think it's going to last today/tomorrow, I have 10 left. That's because



I'm heading to the grocery store now with an eye for making work lunches next week. We'll see if it works o.o


Also, my PT sessions have ended, however my gym is doing a 6 week challenge, and my PT wants me to participate, so is offering free sessions. I get one free month for being a gym member anyway, but he said he's not worried about it and is just doing my normal sessions each week o.O


So at the moment my schedule is:


Su: PT with husband

Mo: c25k

Tu: gym alone or rest (chiropractor day)

We: c25k

Th: PT

Fr: c25k

Sa: gym alone (this may switch back to parkour soon)

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Week 2, Day 4:






New Goal: Increase deadlift/squat by >10 lb over one month.

Current: 185lb-5RM Deadlift, 145lb-1RM Squat


(TBH, shouldn't be a problem since my known 1RM deadlift is 200, probably closer to 215. We'll see.)


What am I?



What I do want?



...also I haven't cooked, but this week's been stuper weird. Yeah I left that in there. :P


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Week 3, Day 2:


I'm lost again on what to do for supplemental exercises. Really I'll either take a look at the NFA programming or something I guess. The big stuff I got, but the rest is kinda flaily for me [emoji14]


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Week 3, Day 6:


I'm looking into Strong Lifts. I've hard good things but I'm unsure about that much squatting. Also seems like the levels aren't geared for the female-inclined body, so I'm investigating if there's mods anywhere on the numbers. If I start at -45lb my 1RM that has me starting at 100lb - which tbh is really light for me (if I'm doing 3x10 at 115 no problem...). The other thing is that I'm working on pullups (I'm down to only a 40lb assist and can do jumping pullups, so I'm getting close), and I know you're not supposed to add things, but I may focus on those one day a week anyhow.


Also, I attempted a 215lb deadlift on Friday and FAIIIIIIILED, I stopped around knee height when my back started arching. Couldn't do 205 either (200 is 1RM so far). So now I know to go lightly for sure. And get my back set better. I'm sore, but definitely not in pain. Did do 175 2x5 after all that too. I'm going to try for that weight for 1RM in squat tomorrow, I got 165 last week and did not originally think I could do it (Encouragement is key!)


Challenge 1: Ish? Definitely getting up sooner, has been slipping to 6:15ish. It's shark week though so more sleep is always required, and we've been going to bed pretty late.

Challenge 2: Yes! We're still working on it, but we still haven't completed a full Week 1. Swapped Saturday for Friday again but I think that works out better. See: sleep.

Challenge 3: Going ok. I'm using the Spending Tracker app, had to tweak it to do week by week but it's the only app so far that I've found that will do by week. Trying Goodbudget to track monthly stuff like groceries, but it seems a little more complicated. Went over the first week, went over the second (well, Melting Pot...eep), this week the husband didn't eat out so much, so we're likely to hit it this week.

Challenge 4: Ha! Well, did make dinner once this week, and Monday the brother made tacos again, and I made dinner on Thursday. I did bring my work with me to lunch on Wednesday though!

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Challenge 1: While 6am didn't happen as much, 6:30 did. I think I need to focus on the back end of that and start setting bed times, cause man we were tired ;) I got up late this morning after a casual awakening. It's 8.

Result: modifying for next challenge


Challenge 2: Yes! We did not skip a single day! ...we're also still on Week 1 XD This is mostly due to my husband's health issues and figuring out food and apps and things, but we've both noticed a general improvement in energy levels :)

Result: continuing next round!


Challenge 3: ...sort of!

The budget did happen, some circumstances tipped weeks over, but overall it made me wat more cognizant of my spending. I also went to Michael's for 2 hours and bought NOTHING for myself. That was really hard ;_;

Result: continuing via app, new challenge next month :)


Challenge 4: ...sort of! I brought food to work a little, and I'm definitely contemplating more at home choices amd learning how to use leftovers more.

Result: continue and adjust for next round!


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