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I had a bad day. I feel like I suck at my work. I don't know why I feel like this these days. * sigh

Oh well...


Hello to you! :) I am LucentFrost, and 443 days has passed since I joined the Rebellion. My last challenge was last October 2016, and I didn't get to report since then. Now, I want to be an active member and do my duty to level up my life everyday. Doing the challenges and hanging out in the forums were one of the many best things that has happened to my life last year.


But at my current state, I forgot why I started this journey in the first place. I just remembered that I was more productive, focused, and present everyday doing my goals and assessing my progress. With my absence from the rebellion, I still have many things that I want to do, but I don't do them because they are all fragments in my head. I can't see clarity, and so I'm confused and paralyzed.


I hope by coming back, I won't be as confused as of the moment, and be more enthusiastic in living my life everyday. I just feel that everything I do has no meaning anymore. And as an individual that is driven with a WHY, it's dangerous for me to say those things. I tend to not care about anyone or anything. Whether it be hurting other people's feelings, being negligent with my health, or as far as abandoning all my responsibilities as an adult. I also don't have any confidence in myself. I feel like I am not good at anything, and thus, I don't wanna try on the things that I feel are difficult for me.


I really want to change this mindset. And so, here I am, posting my first ever battle log for this year.


What I will be doing:

* Right now, I want to review the things I've done in the past, and reassess my goals and dreams in life. Maybe I will make it as a challenge, or just post it here on my battle log. :)

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Hello and welcome back! It sounds like you're juggling some tough emotions and thoughts, but the fact that you're back here shows you're already on track toward progress! I can definitely relate with some of the stuff you expressed here. Some days things just don't look as bright as they used to and there's no real cause for it other than maybe my own shadow getting in the way. Anyway, I'll be following along :) 

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Current Challenge  
Battle Log

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"So many things to do! Yet so little time!"

I thought to myself as I consumed all my lives without advancing to a higher level at Blossom Blast Saga.


Create a blog...

Have a  side hustle...

Organize my stuff...

Learn more about Javascript and Python...

Learn Nihonggo...

Learn to drive a motorcycle...

Get documents from government offices...

Plan my meals...

Can I have that six-pack abs, too?

Sleep for 8 hours...

Should I purchase Sims?

How to have funds and travel the world?

Budget, budget,budget

How do you get a boyfriend?

Schedule bodyweight exercises...

Why is pizza circular cut triangularly and put in a square box?


So much to-dos floating in my mind, but here I am starting another game of BEAT MP3 with my fave tunes on. *sigh

I really need to make time. But how? *searches Google for possible answers

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