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Need Lunch Ideas


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Hey everyone.  I haven't been active here lately, but a recent Doctor visit gave me a wake up call.  Below is something I posted on my Facebook page, to get input from my friends and family.  Alas, there hasn't been much input yet.

Some notes about me, I'm not paleo, and never really could be, if I understand paleo right.  I consider cheese "free" (particularly mild cheddar and sliced american) because I love it so much.  Please help me out with some lunch ideas!  


After my instructions from the Doctor to change my habits, I’m making a special effort to actually plan my Lunches (instead of winging it).

Here is where you come in, I need everyone to give me lunch ideas. All ideas are welcome, though the ideal lunch will meet the below criteria:

1) Needs to be Low Carb
     a. No Bread or Pasta, but low carb alternatives (such as low carb tortillas) are fine.
2) Need prepare enough for a week
     a. I will likely be preparing this the Saturday before the week this will be eaten, so this needs to be able to be prepared ahead of time, and stay ok to eat all week.
3) Easy preparation is a bonus.

Some notes: I do have a fridge, and Microwave available at work.

Please give me feedback! Thanks!



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Here is what I do every Sunday. I make 5 salads in mason jars, and just grab one on the way out each morning. I keep them fairly simple, but adjust to your tastes and/or dietary needs. These are very low carb/paleo firendly.


Decide on a protein. This could be cooking a bunch of chicken, throwing a roast in the slow cooker, grabbing cans of tuna, or even hard boiling some eggs. Up to you, and mix it up if you need some variety.

Decide on veggies. For me, it starts with avocado, tomato, and lettuce. You will want something hearty at the bottom. This is where my avocado goes, more on that later. But really, the sky is the limit here. Also lots of variety to play with here.

Make dressing. Salad dressing is one of those places that sugar has creeped in and you could be blowing your low carb salad without even realizing it. My secret, Blender Bottle! Take your bottle and dump some vinegar in there. White, apple cider, red wine, what have you. Even lemon juice works. Add salt, pepper, any other herbs and spices you like. Toss in a big dollop of mustard. Again, choose whatever mustard you like. Top it off with about the same amount of olive oil as you had vinegar. Shake like a mad man. grab a piece of lettuce, dunk it in, taste. Adjust as necessary. 


Assembly is easy, but its important. Step one, avocado, or whatever your heartiest veg is. I always put my avocado on the bottom because thats where the dressing is, so the acidity of the dressing keeps the avocado from turning brown while it sits in the fridge. Also, this is why whatever you put on the bottom needs to be able to stand a few days soaking in dressing.

Step two, dressing. This way, it sits at the bottom and will not wilt you delicate lettuces and such.

Step three (for me) tomatoes. This is just where this goes. but do what you want.

Step four, protein. 

Top it all off with your assorted lettuces and stick it in the fridge.


When lunch time comes around, you up end that jar into a bowl and as it all falls out, you salad gets mixed and dressed and you are all set.


Have fun with it!

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I'm lazy.  Deli meat roll ups (take meat, lay down cheese, lettuce, condiments, wrap) were a go too for a while, and a side of veggies and hummus and fruit.  Even if you don't prep on Sunday, the wraps can be made in 5 minutes in the morning before work.  You can also find some flax seed pita bread wraps that are pretty low card these days.  Another alternative is making 1.5 portions of dinner and taking that half portion the next day for lunch.

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Unless I don't have enough to make an extra helping, my lunches are usually leftovers from the day before - I make an extra portion, shove it in a tupperware, and presto, I have lunch. 


For salads, I actually invest in the salad-specialized lunch container kits - mine has a large (4cup) compartment for greens and other veggies, and three smaller compartments - one for dressing, one for cheese, and one for nuts or seeds if you want to add them. I usually add a few berries and skip the dressing altogether if I'm having salad, just because I'm not a huge dressing person to begin with, and raspberries, strawberries, or ground cherries all provide a good enough mix of sweet and sour that you genuinely don't need dressing if you add them. My basic salad is 4 cups greens, 1/4 chopped onion of some variety, 1/2 cup of berries. If it's going to be a meal, I add two of 1 oz of cheese, 1 serving of whole grain or seeds (Hemp hearts, chia seeds, flax seed, etc), or 1 serving of nuts or smoked fish. The specialized salad containers prevent anything from getting soggy, which is good because soggy stuff can make me gag. 

Another thing I like to bring for lunch is soup because it's filling and easy to shove a whole bunch of veggies into - but your mileage may vary on that one since I know you're trying to go low carb. 

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On 3/21/2017 at 3:25 PM, Drashnar said:

Some notes about me, I'm not paleo, and never really could be, if I understand paleo right.  I consider cheese "free" (particularly mild cheddar and sliced american) because I love it so much.  Please help me out with some lunch ideas!  


An afterthought: I feel you on this because I also love cheese very much (although I lean more toward havarti, smoked gouda, brie, etc, than cheddar or american cheese), but cheese really shouldn't be a free food. It can be part of a healthy diet, but you need to exercise moderation with it, because there is a lot of salt and saturated fat in cheese. 

My recommendation on managing cheese intake is to cut it down to 1/day, and actually weigh how much you're eating of it. Cheese is the food of the freaking gods, so I feel you in your love for it - but if your doctor is yelling at you for your eating, having too much cheese in a day could be part of why things are going wrong for you. 

(FYI: I say this as someone who used to be able to put away 100g of cheese or more in a sitting. On my own. There's a reason I was 50lbs overweight when I graduated high school and my cheese intake had something to do with it. My lack of activity, my chocolate intake and my general lack of portion control all contributed, too, to be fair)

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