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Returning to NF/Guild Change

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Hello everyone. I haven't been active on the forums or on the Facebook group much for many months now. But I want that to change. However, I have not trained Judo in about 9 months now (minus a couple of random sessions). I have not visited the gym much in that time either, though I am much more into body-weight workouts.


I am looking into getting into swimming too though, so wondering if my transition from the Monks should be towards the Assassins or Scouts. I am currently feeling Assassins as I may find it hard to commit to swimming whereas body-weight workouts can be done from home! 


Let me know what you think and I look forward to becoming more active again!

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Welcome back!

As for guilds, choose whichever one fits with your goals more at that time. You can switch between guilds between challenges, and choose between them afterwards. So, for now, I would probably suggest Assassins, and then trying out Scouts next challenge, if you want to pursue the swimming goal. And you can always keep your current guild as your icon, if you still feel like a monk/like the monks/identify most with it.

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