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Beginner Strength Training Workout Plus Vinyasa Yoga

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I'm not familiar with the various types of yoga, but I do use a (very) simple routine as my cooldown after strength training.  


The important thing to remember is that you need rest between strength sessions as your muscles need time to recover.  So yoga for flexibility/mobility is a great choice, and can even help improve your recovery time, but strength based yoga should probably be avoided.  Listen to your body and if anything feels like too much, cut back and take a break for a bit.


Also, try asking your instructors their thoughts on the matter.  They'll be more familiar with the specific programs and can help point you in the right direction.  :friendly_wink:

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On 4/4/2017 at 2:40 PM, BrooklynWonderWoman said:

Has anyone ever done yoga and strength training on consecutive days?


M, W, F - Yoga (vinyasa yoga... currently doing yoga with Adriene)

T, R, S - Beginner Strength Training workout (with Steve)


Too much? Not enough?


I'd say it depends on how hard you are pushing yourself, and what the vinyasa class is like for you. 


While vinyasa classes are generally more strength-oriented than other styles of yoga, it is rare for them to be equivalent to a serious strength-training session unless they are deliberately designed that way. Most yoga practices (even the hard ones) are appropriate to be done daily, and are relatively easy to scale back the intensity to more of a flexibility/mobility focus. When vinyasa is brutally hard, generally it is more of a cardio /  endurance thing, and often the poses that are most demanding of strength (like arm balances) require enough balance/coordination that you aren't going to be doing them anywhere near to the point of muscle failure, because you need to be able to safely get out of the pose. It is scaled very differently than strength training - you are very rarely working so close to the edge of your physical endurance.


Also, with both strength training and yoga, when you are just getting started, there is a lot of just getting the basic movement and coordination down. If you aren't seriously sore the next day, I don't see any reason to avoid doing whatever. 


Too much / not enough depends a lot on your goals, your current fitness level, and what else you've got going on.

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Thanks for your reply. I actually decided to do restorative yoga instead of vinyasa. I recently joined Rising Heroes, so along with the missions in Rising Heroes and trying to fit in 3 strength training days and do vinyasa yoga seemed like too much. For the one arm row, I will probably increase the lbs, I'm currently at 10lbs and not really feeling it working. Might increase it to 12 or 15 lbs.

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