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Ashy Pearl

I would like some advises to create an efficient Epic Quest

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Hi eveyone !


I hope I didn't put my post in the wrong category ^^;


So, all is in the title : I'd like some help to create an IRL Epic Quest that'd match my online one. I created a character, Ashy Pearl, whose story is one of a young woman who's craving for revenge let her to hurt innocent people. After realizing what she had done, she had decided to spend all her time and energy to improving herself, getting better at being kind and caring.


I see myself in this character. While I have no need for a revenge, I sure would like to be more serene and kind in my everyday life. Apart from that, I'd like to improve my lifestyle and become healthier. As I started working in January, I also would like to learn how to budget.


So, long story short : I want to be a better person in a lot of aspect. That's why the Epic Quest seems to be a great tool ! But... I have no idea how to implement it IRL, how to connect the character to the person I am, and how to maybe use the forum as a tool to narrate the progress my persona and myself observe.


For those who'd like to see my character sheet, there it is :



There are improvements to make, I am aware of that :P


Have a nice day/evening/night :) 

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little late to the game, sorry.  but here's below are a resources you can look into.  after you've made your list, come back here with it, and we might can help with the implementation.

Yes, all three links are from Art of Manliness.  well, you can Google on your own and find a wide variety of stuff.  but I respect and trust AoM, so I wanted to ensure you got their links.

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Hey! I just wanted to check in and see how you're doing with this. I really enjoyed creating mine and would be happy to  help at all if you want to chat about it!

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