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Next thing to drop?

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So, I'm aiming for a paleo diet and I've now gone a couple weeks without any grain products, months without soda, and I'm dropping sweeteners in my drinks (flavored creams in coffees, etc). I haven't touched a candy bar in a month (which has been my real vice for a good long time).

Anyhow, I'm trying to think of the next small change I can make in my diet to further improve, and I'm kinda stumped. Nothing in particular sticks out like a sore thumb at me going "Oh hey, I'm a huge source of sugars" or "hey look at me, I'm very unhealthy," or even "hey I came out of a box!"

So yeah, I need help figuring out what change to make next. Are there any common things that I'm just not thinking about here that should be jumping out at me?

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Maybe instead of dropping you can start adding. Add in some veggies or drinking more water

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Congrats on your progress!


What are you hoping to get out of your paleo diet?  If you're trying to lose weight, improve sleep quality, get strong, etc. then perhaps you could start working on that from a new angle, while maintaining the healthy diet.

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