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Weekly Update:


  • Lots and lots of time outside, some barefoot, some walking around campus, and some working for my mentor.
  • Morning trips outside with Minnie shirtless and shoeless, continuing to practice deep squatting and mindful breathing.
  • It's been unseasonably hot the past few days (especially Wednesday and Thursday); 90s and humid, hot enough that I did not do any outside work W and TR.
  • Because of a scheduled power outage at the university (for maintenance, I guess?), I had Thursday and Friday off. Took a drive TR through the other end of the county, to Eleanor, a town I have not been through in close to a year.
  • Teas this week: various combos of peppermint, ginger, ACV, honey, and coconut oil.
  • Completed this workout twice this week for my challenge against the Doodlies; felt like leg day.
  • Took the littlest one (Arabella) to Charleston (the capital city) to tour the capitol building, walk through the state museum, and play at the park on Magic Island.
  • Hit a milestone while playing Ingress: 1,331 unique resonator slots in less than a week (If you're familiar with Ingress, I got the Magnus Builder badge).
  • No guided meditations this week, but several moments of sitting with eyes closed, breathing mindfully, and some WHM breathing.

I'll try to post my challenge retrospective later, but today will be a busy day, so no guarantees.

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I learned a few things this challenge.


  • This challenge was transformative in that I learned to be mindful of my body and its needs.
  • I also learned that it's okay to not be okay.
  • Somewhere along the way, I kind of lost sight of the challenge, which I think might be a good thing because it felt more like "doing" rather than "trying" (if that makes sense).
  • Perfection and the pursuit of perfection is pointless because I'm already perfect.
  • Everything I need for true happiness is right here for me in the rays of the sun, the feel of wet grass between my bare toes, the warmth of a loved one's hugs, my hand in my wife's hand, my grandfather's greeting, the tart sweetness of good tea, the smell of a rainstorm, the crisp chill of a river swim, the artwork of the sky, and so much more.
  • In the future, I'll work on being more mindful of things like posture (I slouch when I'm sitting, and I feel it later).
  • You all are the best; I have been blessed by your comments and your encouragement, especially @MichiruSedai, @Sylvaa, @Dagger, @Mr.Six, @annyshay, and @Severine. If I forgot anyone, I'm sorry. Just know that I appreciate you.
  • My next challenge will incorporate some of the things I have learned from this challenge (yoga, meditations, etc.) but I think it will be less mental and more physical; I need to get in shape.
  • Overall, I give myself an A- for this challenge.
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