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Juice Bar (Hangout / General Chat)

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7 hours ago, fleaball said:

I'm pretty sure last challenge they changed it halfway through Saturday, so you're not imagining things.

You never know. I could be imagining things. It may not be the first time.


7 hours ago, fleaball said:

I think you did too! It's hard to see your own successes though, especially when you don't reach the level you wanted to. 


What about a reduced plan for when life explodes? Like if you have 4 goals, when things get crazy you'll do two of them, or shorter versions of two of them, just to keep the momentum going. 


Well, my plan is to sit down and get a snack (I haven't had a real meal all day, it has been busy) and maybe see what I did and didn't accomplish here and get an "end post" together.

I am not sure how to shorten the goals or what not, but it is something to consider. I know that the momentum is a key and anything is better than nothing. I will have to think on this. Thanks for the idea.

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Hey everybody, I started a PVP challenge that I think many would enjoy. It is called NerdHammer - Age of Darkness


If you like tabletop strategy games like warhammer, or have ever played a game like risk its something you'll like! You get to play as any fantasy faction you can think of. Warriors of chaos from warhammer 40k, the troopers from star wars, or even the autobots!


By exercising you will earn resources to recruit your forces, and throughout the challenge move to control the most of the board and be the ruler of the world of Nerdhammer! 


On top of all these awesome things you get the chance to meet awesome people from other guilds, and do some creative writing (that is completely optional but fun)! Come stop in and say hi!

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