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Chakra Challenge

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For my next challenge, I decided to focus on strengthening my chakras. Does anyone here have experience with this? Feel free to follow or just stop on by. The link is in my signature.

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Hi Wolfen,

I'm a total noob here, but I have spent the past few years developing a fairly solid meditation/mindfulness routine for myself. I did an amazing Chakra Cleansing Ritual with a guide in the Vortexes of Sedona last November and it was quite eye-opening. I haven't broken down my Chakra practice in the manner you have, though I really like your plan! I tend to do weekly Chakra cleanse meditations, as well as including them in my full and new moon meditation rituals.

I'm interested in seeing your progress in this area, as well as possibly adopting some of your plan (if that's OK)!?

Good luck to you!


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