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DrFeelgood 21: Gaining Ground

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Sooo, how 'bout an update? ;)


W1D2 - 3/4.  I woke up late and needed to get underway, so I forewent my usual breakfast in favor of a ham, egg, and cheese muffin sandwich with a DDP from the local convenience store where I also purchased a bottle of Benadryl because this month is kicking my butt.  I've never needed allergy meds before, and I'm not particularly pleased about needing them now.  Lunch was leftover chicken and broccoli, then I accidentally went full-auto on my pre-workout chocolate supply--I rapid-fired four of them before slamming on the brakes.  Dinner was MFG's tater-tot shepherd's pie, which was excellent; and that closed out the day right at 2002 kcal with 173g of protein.  The only miss was a single DDP that failed the water goal, and it was worth it.


Workout was tougher than it should have been.  By the end of my second BBWW circuit I was hearing colors and couldn't uncross my vision.  Somehow posting here helped me summon the will (if not the strength) to finish the third circuit and move down to the weight floor.  My new program (5/3/1, Beginner's variant) has me squat heavy and bench light on Monday, so I squatted 120 / 150 / 180 / 195 / 225 for 5 reps each, then I loaded up 250 for AMRAP and got 12 (didn't even try for the baker's dozen).  Then it was on to bench for 130 / 155 / 180, 5 reps each.  I finished with 3x10 lat pull-downs and took the final set to 11.  By then I was more than ready to head home.


The evening was short since waking up late meant getting to work late, which meant staying late, which meant my workout ran late and I didn't get home until about 7:30.  Even so I still tucked in the kids, did some household maintenance, worked in a good guitar practice, initiated a full PC backup, and finally hopped in the shower before completing my rituals and getting to bed on time.  It was a very good day.


Sneaky weight check this morning said 220.8 lbs, so I'm very nearly starting right where I left off in the last round.  I'm expecting really good results from this six-week program, especially since MFG is going to be traveling with the kids for the latter half and I'll really be able to dial up the intensity while she's away.  That will show up in the next NF challenge, so for now I'm content to end the current challenge with the beginnings of my new workout scheme.

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W1D3 - 4/4.  Hooah!  Back in the swing of things.  Another splendid day on all targets led to a major victory--this morning's sneaky weight check read 219.5 lbs to set a new low for 2017 and to fall back under 220 for the first time since last October.  I've been creeping up on that specific objective and it's nice to have taken the last mile by storm.  Suck it, Axis of Evil! B)


In terms of my goals the day was wall-to-wall win.  Eating was good: I had my usual fruit smoothie for breakfast, leftover shepherd's pie for lunch, a single chocolate chip cookie when my co-worker brought a box in to share, and MFG's baked panko-crusted cod with steamed broccoli for dinner.  I rounded out the day with a string cheese and a protein shake to close up shop at 2031 kcal and 145g of protein.  Carbs are always high on smoothie days.


Because a storm was looming I didn't jump straight on the treadmill when I got home.  Instead I set straight to mowing the lawns.  Afterward I used Google maps to tabulate my "mileage" while mowing and determined that I walked at least 1.6 km doing yard work.  Since the day called for 4 km of walking I finished my dinner and then hopped on the treadmill to finish the rest of it at 4 mph and 2% incline.  It's actually bonus exercise since mowing took an hour, but I'm going to stick to my program and trust for good results.  The time logged on my spreadsheet is an extrapolation of 4 mph across 4km; i.e. that's how long I would've exercised if I'd walked the whole 4 km at the same 4-mph rate.  It's more than good enough. ;)


The rest of the evening was pleasant.  I spent some time chatting with Bubbles and showing her Youtube videos with lots of different styles of stringed instruments she might be interested in, then I picked up my guitar for 40 minutes of practice.  MFG came down from her bath and asked me to cut her hair, so I slowly and carefully took a few inches of length off.  It's nothing fancy but I can at least manage a straight cut, and she's plenty happy with it.  It took a little longer than I planned so after cleaning up I hurried upstairs to do my rituals and hop under the covers before 10:30.  That's a qualified win.  The storm rolled in right about that time, which kept me watching the radar for an hour or so just to make sure we didn't need to take shelter.  Most of the dangerous weather stayed off to the NW, and the whole family was able to get a good night's sleep.

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22 hours ago, Ensi said:


That's an old favorite of mine.  :lol:  Glad you liked it.


22 hours ago, RhiaWolfe said:


Artist's rendering, not to scale. ;)


19 hours ago, LadyShello said:

I'd pay to see him vs Gandalf

Ooh, celebrity deathmatch fantasy-vs-reality edition.  I can see that taking off.


19 hours ago, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

Closest I could find


That might explain why he left his estate to Sam and went to Valinor--no chance of relations after that brutality.


19 hours ago, LadyShello said:

That's not even a fair fight. 

Bruce vs. anyone isn't a fair fight; even less so if he's permitted to crack a Hobbit in the pills. :D

It's just not cricket.

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22 hours ago, Ensi said:

Congrats on hitting a new low!! ... wait what


It's what I'm aiming for. ;)



W1D4 - 4/4.  On a roll now.  Food was a bit dicey, but since it was a little zag day I had plenty of wiggle room.  Breakfast was eggs and toast.  Lunch was leftover panko-crusted cod with steamed broccoli and little butter.  One of my coworkers was kind enough to buy a lemon for me when she went to lunch, and it was the best lemon I've had in years and was the highlight of my meal.  Since the first two meals were so light I ended up going full-auto again on the remainder of my chocolate stash in the afternoon, so that was a bit excessive.  Dinner was cheese ravioli in pasta sauce with steamed green beans, and even after adding a lot of butter to the green beans I still needed a double protein shake to round out the day on target.  2249 kcal, 144g protein.  Water was good all day, too.


Workout went well.  The BBWW warm-up is still kicking my butt, but I'm feeling much better about it since going back to my old gym shoes--my knee is especially grateful for the switch.  I'm also using my phone as a timer for planks now instead of counting, and that's letting me focus on my breathing and proper muscle engagement during the hold.  It's much more effective and my glutes are being vocal about it. :)  After warm-up I did OHP of 65 / 75 / 85 / 95 / 110 for 5 reps each then AMRAP'd 125 all the way to 9.  I moved over to dead lift at 195 / 250 for 5 each before going AMRAP at 330, which went for 6 reps.  I probably could've battled out a 7th rep, but I'm being cautious with my knee and back and six felt just right.  I finished up with seated cable rows 120 / 140 / 160 for 10, 10, and 5, respectively.  I'm using a wider grip for these rows now to work my back a little differently, so I'm going to keep using those weights until I can get 3x10 at 160, then I'll move up.


The evening was nice.  We're in crunch time for project delivery at work so I'm on regular overtime for the rest of this month; and that meant it was after 7 pm when I finished at the gym, so there was no hope of getting to small group on time.  The kids had already eaten when I got home, so I sat at the computer with my dinner and did some planning.  Then I tucked in the boys and butterflied ten pounds of chicken breasts while MFG and Bubbles played Boggle.  I didn't do any guitar practice for the sake of getting showered and in to bed on time, and I didn't do any tablet surfing at all once the lights were out. :D


I'm fighting strong, and the wins are piling up.  It's always good to be making steady progress.

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4 hours ago, Aces3000 said:

sounds like a great day! You're really crushing it! Especially like the detailed workout info.


Thanks, I'm enjoying the workouts.  The beginner variant of 5/3/1 is less demanding than BBB was, but that seems perfect for while I'm still trying to slim down.



W1D5 - 1/4.  Minor stumble with this day owing to fatigue, distraction, and just plain hunger.  My body was firmly requesting a recovery day so I granted it and skipped running, plus there was a huge storm kicking up as I got home which merited my attention for the evening to make sure we didn't need to hole up for a tornado.  Food was very good until after the kids went to bed when my body added a request for more nutrition to the recovery day.  I attempted to appease it with a three-egg omelet stuffed with bacon, ham, cheddar cheese, and scallions.  Then I inadvertently kicked the dopamine side of my brain in to high gear by sampling one of Bubbles' brownies that she made with almond flour.  One brownie rapidly turned into half a pan, then when they were all gone (including the crumbs) I made buttered toast and slathered it with raspberry preserves. :D


On the upside, at 3638 kcal for the day I definitely got all of my protein in (and then some) to top out at 223g.  On the other upside, everything I ate was delicious and I thoroughly enjoyed it all.  The brownies must've used extra-strong cocoa powder though because I had trouble falling asleep.  I didn't even get up to bed until 11:30, and then I was awake until well after 3 am.  It's a major miss, but the only immediate impact is that I'm tanking my water goal today in order to caffeinate (via DDP) and stay alert at work.  Everything else I can bounce back from today, especially since I'm really looking forward to a strong workout this afternoon and a deliciously high-protein beef-stew for dinner tonight. :)



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On ‎5‎/‎29‎/‎2017 at 9:49 AM, Aces3000 said:

Is your new challenge live yet?

It wasn't when you commented but it is now. :D


On ‎6‎/‎2‎/‎2017 at 10:55 AM, LadyShello said:





On ‎6‎/‎2‎/‎2017 at 10:59 AM, Ensi said:





On ‎6‎/‎2‎/‎2017 at 11:30 AM, deftona said:





Thanks for keeping tabs on me, y'all.  I've missed you and I'm glad to be back.



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