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It comes to the part of the week where my current job makes me work odd hours so I can't get as much done. 



I still had the morning free so I spent it helping my dad and sis on a grocery scavenger hunt for mom day stuff. It took my sister and me a while to pick out an appropriate mother's day card that didn't sound too fake or triggering. And let's be honest, my stepmom is a very trigger happy person. We were able to decide on an expensive looking card with a pop out clawfoot tub, slippers, a stand with wine and flowers, and a sparkly chandelier. It reads "take some time for you today" on the inside and "rest, relax, and know you're loved" on the inside. There's no platitude remarking on her amazing role or how much she helps out. Just that she needs a "me" day. Heck, everyday is her "me" day. 




After the long scavenger hunt, I grabbed a quick lunch and went to work. It was pretty uneventful there. I wasn't stuck on the register, I got to see and hug a lot of puppies, I met some new and very vocal kitties at the adoption center, and hid in the back of the store while I cleaned up inventory and removed discarded cat food cardboard holders. I'm sorta sad to leave and I'm gonna miss a lot of people, but I know I'll be stopping by on the weekends to say hi. 



After work I immediately went for my fanny pack and my doge's leash so we could go for a walk. We took an interval running 3k around the neighborhood. I think a black truck honked at me as I left the dead end, but I'm not too sure. My legs were extremely sore afterward. But the hurt was only in my calves. My ankles, knees, shins, thighs, etc were all feeling fine. I've been trying to hydrate so it's not that. The internet says it's either an artery problem causing oxygen starved muscles or it's compartment syndrome my calves are too swole plus there are tiny micro tears in the muscles from not stretching pre- and post-walk. 



X Eat More Veggies [x7]
X Yoga Practice[x4]
X Troop Training[x3]
X Squad Goals: Party Mode [x1]
X Veg Head Antidote [x2]


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