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Achievement unlocked: biking uphill streak

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Our apartment is almost at the very top of a not-impossible-but-still-rather-steep hill, one that starts where you turn at a stoplight. Sometimes we are lucky enough to have the green light or no traffic so we don't have to start going uphill from a near standstill, but only sometimes, and even then we have to slow down enough to make that sharp turn just before heading uphill. It's not easy, and for most of the past year I've just biked about 2/3 of the way up it or less and then walked my bike the rest of the way back. I just didn't have the strength or the energy to get all the way up, and when I did, it was a rarity. But this past week, I've gotten all the way to the top and into the parking area without stopping three times in a row now! The last two times it's been two consecutive days even, and tonight it was even from a standstill, because we had to wait for buses that were turning at the stoplight and only had the time crossing the intersection to get up momentum. I'm a bit out of breath by the time I park still, and my left thigh feels really tight afterwards (luckily I can walk it off a bit on the way inside and up to our floor), but I'm feeling really proud of myself, especially since my cheap little mamachari is five years old now with crappy brakes, no lights, and no gears. Clearly something is going right!

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