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I have been looking into mindfulness, and I'm not sure if I'm missing the point entirely or if I'm just missing the next step, but I would like some advice on this.

From what I have been able to understand so far you need to stop daydreaming and focus on what is going on around you. But then what? What do you do with your newfound information? Do you just let it go and find out what's going on in the next moment? That seems like a waste of valuable information. However simultaneously, I'm not sure how to utilize this new information without falling back into daydreaming. How do you process mindfulness? Or do you process it at all?

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On 4/21/2017 at 4:20 PM, Jean de Muret said:

I have been looking into mindfulness, and I'm not sure if I'm missing the point entirely or if I'm just missing the next step, but I would like some advice on this.


Put simply, mindfulness is paying attention or "being mindful." Think of it as an exercise for the senses and an opportunity to calm the mind. Our minds are so often running on overdrive and processing a bunch of things at once. Most people who have "mental breakdowns" do so because they have overtaxed their minds. Mindfulness allows you to narrow your focus, even if just for a brief period of time, and cut out all the other noise and chaos. It's like taking your mind on a little mini-vacation in which it doesn't have to worry about anything except what you tell it to. You're probably already being mindful more often than you think.


I see that you're a Warrior, so I assume you exercise and probably lift. Do you just blindly lift the weights without thinking about it? Doubtful, unless you want injury. No, you focus your grip just right on the bar, shift your body into the best position, breathe, whatever movements and actions are necessary to help you lift you are mindfully employing in that moment. Mindfulness exercises help us strengthen moments like that in which we need our brain to be able to cut out all the other mess and focus. How often do we do things like walk or (worse) drive without even thinking about what we're doing? Before we know it we bump (or crash) into something (or someone) because we weren't being mindful. Of course, some movements in the body should be automatic and rely on muscle memory, but mindful movement gives our body and mind the opportunity to focus on what we're doing, thinking, and feeling.


Hope that helps.

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I think its less "no daydreaming" and more about cutting out distractions. For instance, I was tempted to make my breakfast and eat it at the computer. Instead I chose to do what I want on the computer and then I will eat when I am done here. That way I can be mindful about what I eat instead of just scarfing it down. I can focus on how I feel when I eat and be more connected to when I am full. During the day I am tempted to jump on my phone and play games or surf the internet. Instead I try to leave my phone alone and get on the computer if I need something so I can focus on what I'm doing instead of mindlessly wasting the day on my phone.



One technique is non-judgemental awareness. Basically to note what is going on around you without making judgements about how it makes you feel. Its like listing the facts. Right now, The window is open. I can hear the birds in the trees and the breeze. I can hear the washing machine in the next room. I can hear the kids stomping down the hall. I can hear one of the babies playing with a toy car. The computer is humming.  I'm not making any judgements. Just observing. It helps me quiet down. If I had to judge everything it would be more chaotic. The window is open I hope it doesn't get much hotter I like the windows open. I can hear the washing machine in the next room I hate doing laundry and I still have at least two more loads to go. I hope I can get everything folded and put away. I always feel like I am behind on laundry. I can hear the kids stomping down the hall Why can't they walk without stomping?. I can hear one of the babies playing with a toy car The toy car is so annoying. I don't like battery operated toys. The computer is humming Have I spent too much time on here today? Should I be doing something else instead. I still have to do xyz today....


I think it helps me focus on the task at hand and not worry about what else there is to do. This way I can do a good job at this then move to the next task. It doesn't have to be 100%. If you notice your mind wandering, acknowledge it, and bring yourself back in without getting upset. You might be surprised at how much you miss because you aren't paying attention.

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Jean, being present is practiced by noticing and participating in the 'now', but you don't have to process and absorb every detail of every moment. The purpose is being open to the opportunities of 'now' instead of missing out because your mind is stuck in a different time.


For example, A man walking to lunch on gorgeous day is re-hashing the argument he had with someone the night before, instead of being calmed and warmed by the walk and beauty around him his mind is distracted by anger and the 'would-a, could-a, should-a' of the night before. When a dog runs up his closed mind is more likely to ignore it and continue the story line in his mind than to be open to great the dog and make a friend when it's owner turns out to be a beautiful woman. Instead of arriving to lunch with a possible date, he gets there still mad with no idea that he just missed out on an opportunity because his mind was stuck on the night before.



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Thank you all, I feel my question was satisfactorily answered and redirected in the mindset it was intended to be. I have begun to practice mindfulness when I get too angry at work. I'm not used to feeling angry due to a thyroid problem that went undiagnosed for too long so I'm still learning to control my temper. It's a work in progress, but I think I'm progressing nicely. Once again thank you all. 


Also not a Warrior; Rebel class. 

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