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Lurker No More! ~Akkina


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Yo Yo Yo!!!


Ok, back to the regular stuff! My name is Akkina, I am 25 year old witch(literally) whose gotten a bit...fat. Ok, I lie, I've always been fat, and I've always been out of shape. I got married on August 6th of 2016, and in the 8 months since, I've ballooned up to my official highest weight of 280 lbs and I am appalled with myself! 

I hadn't planned on joining this challenge, but I popped onto the forums to browse for cycling threads and saw that the new challenge started tomorrow, and well...fate!


My Quests for this Challenge-

So some of these might fluctuate, a bit, as some of my fitness goals are aimed towards cycling, and I don't get my bike for several days, so we're going to see how I take to it, and how out of shape I am before I set anything too seriously there.


Consistently count calories

I have gone back to counting calories, and I've been pretty good here, but, I'd still like to strike my aim at being more accurate, and less guessing. So if I can't find it in MyFitnessPal, no shoving it in my cake hole.

Pack Lunch+Breakfast on days I work

I work 4, 10 hour shifts a week, and often, I end up eating breakfast at work which isn't bad, but, I work for a credit union inside a Wal-Mart store and the temptation is much, much too high to just not pack lunch, and therefore, eat unhealthily.

Follow my workout schedule- Complete at least half of my planned workouts a week

While I'm hoping to get them all in, I will make myself some allowances in that just in case. I set myself a pretty easy plan, and I'm going to do my best to stick to it.


I am going to take this challenge slow ad steady, and really get back into the grind. I've been counting calories, and trying to get my butt moving a bit more than I was which has helped a ton! My start weight was 280.3, my current weight(before my period :( ) was 272.2 lbs, since April 6th. Yay progress already!


The Workout Plan

Monday: Cycle + Yoga/stretching

Tuesday: Run + weights or body weight workout

WednesdayCycle + Yoga/Stretching

Thursday: Run + weights or body weight workout

Friday: Cycle + Yoga/stretching

Saturday: Run + weights or body weight workout

Sunday: Swimming or rest day


Let's kick some butt guys!!


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Awooooooooo! Howling the moon!!

Your friendly local werewolf.

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First of all, grats on the wedding! Super exciting!


I really like your challenge goals - love the fact that you've got a plan, but are willing to make exceptions based upon you. That is so important to succeeding!


On 4/23/2017 at 4:02 AM, Akkina said:

Pack Lunch+Breakfast on days I work

I work 4, 10 hour shifts a week, and often, I end up eating breakfast at work which isn't bad, but, I work for a credit union inside a Wal-Mart store and the temptation is much, much too high to just not pack lunch, and therefore, eat unhe


I used to like working in a grocery store because there were so many healthy options available! The hardest part was always choosing the healthy options over the unhealthy ones!

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On 4/23/2017 at 4:02 AM, Akkina said:

Let's kick some butt guys!!


Welcome! I'm glad you've joined us. Let me know if I can support you in any way.

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Glad you decided to start. I always get a lot of motivation and accountability from the challenge threads, so I hope it helps you too.




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