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Mermatron Questing for the Aquasphere!


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I'm brand new to the forums and generally have no idea what I'm doing. If the four week challenge is something I choose for myself, then here goes.


Eons ago, I used to instruct miniature humans in the ballet of water movements (I taught little kids how to swim). Since becoming a Nerd Fitness Rebel (officially three weeks ago), I decided to try swimming again for the first time in 14 years. It was like coming home. It was awkward and it wasn't easy, but then, true love never is! 


For these four weeks, here are my scout-like water faring goals:

1. Swim submerged with no air for a third the length of the pool - current status is 1/4 length.

2. Swim 100 yards nonstop with safe heart rate (150 max or less) doing any stroke.

3. Visit the pool enough in these four weeks to swim a total of 4 miles (50 yards = 2 lengths; 2 lengths = 1 lap; 36 laps = 1 mile; 144 laps = 4 miles and my goal for this challenge).

4. *Strength goal - defeat General DOMS.

5. **Life goal - discipline myself to make time to get my daughter's home schooling back on track so she can pass 1st grade. (Working full time and making my fitness a priority for my general health makes this especially difficult.)


So tell me scouts, am I doing this right? If not, what is the four week challenge supposed to be? If it is, then I want to know the goals of other merfolk such as myself!

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Hi there! Welcome to the scouts, and great start.


Each person has their own "right" way of doing things, and you just have to try a couple of goal styles before you know what you need. Sometimes newcomers find process goals to be the easiest- in other words, for goal #4, how will you defeat doms? Or for #5, you might commit to a certain amount of time per day or per week with your daughter's homeschooling, on which you grade yourself weekly. Otherwise, definitely on the right track!!


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