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[Hurley] I like to move it, move it

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That's okay! As you can see, I fell off the face of the earth this weekend. I can't even remember if I ended up tracking all of Friday. I had homemade hot pockets for dinner that night, and I was getting confused by my recipe that I had saved for tracking purposes. I didn't know if the calories was for 1 cup or for 4. 


Overall for this challenge I give myself a D. Why a D? Because I only worked out once this entire time, and I'm having that pull down my average. If I don't factor it in, then I give myself a B. On all my other goals, I think I did pretty well. 


I will not be participating in the next challenge. Instead I am going to move back to my Daily Battle Log, and hopefully try to remember to take pictures of everything I eat/drink. And I want people to weigh in on my food choices. I am not doing something right, and I feel like others will see what I am not. I feel like what I am eating now a days isn't that much different from 4 years before I started gaining the weight, but I could be wrong. I will be starting this in about 5 minutes. Need to snap a picture right now while I am thinking about it, lol. I already forgot about breakfast. 

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