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Njumoona's second challenge

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Hello to all. Yesterday I had an exam (yes, on Sunday) and today I´m really tired and weak - so I´ll start my new challenge tomorrow.


Sports: 1. I want to reach 50 kms running in total this month

            2. I had been training some kind of martial arts for several years (and I still do), now I´m planning to learn basics and theory 20 minutes per day.


Diet:  I don´t want to buy so much food haphazardly and then throw a lot away because it spoils. I want to think about the food I buy and consume it. (I´ll keep on with the kind of diet I started in my last quest, of course).


Habits:  Face my fears. Stop avoiding. To explain: I watched myself changing the side of the street because of a bunch of people standing in or coming my way. It was a behaviour I started in my youth because of other kids laughing and making jokes about me. In the past I fought against it and became stronger to look people in the eyes and go straight on. Somehow now while im 38 years old I´m doing it again. Without any reasons. I don´t know. But I started to have more fears in life and to avoid a lot of things. So problems get bigger. I don´t want this and my quest will be the fight against it.


Thanks for reading. Greetings to you.

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