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I decided to stick with the temple because there wasn't a conclusion to it.  Also, I wanted to say that I'm sorry for having the shittiest laptop in existence.


All the torches are lit.  You hear a jingle ring through the stone hallway.




Trekking onwards, there is a room with 4 doors- one on each wall. The stone door behind you slams shut, a plume of dust kicking up and clouding the air.  With a wheezing cough, you wave your torch to see that there are other unlit ones along the wall.  You light them and look at the middle of the room.  A stone drum with a wall attached to it and a statue on top.  The short wall has some spikes.  Staring at the ground, you see that the stonework doesn't match up in a radial area around the drum/wall/statue.  Examining the ground further, you notice there is a gap between the circular stone pattern and the rest of the room.  The statue on top looks ominous in the dim light.  You try the door to the right.  Not movable.  You walk to the next door.  Same.  You go to the last door and it won't move either.  Finally, you head back to the door you came into and it won't budge either.  You're trapped here.


You figure maybe if you change your perspective of the room, maybe it can shed some light on what to do.  You want to climb up the stone drum so you're sharing space with the statue.  However when you do that and push against the small wall to use it as leverage to climb, the wall moves and the drum turns a bit.  You hop back down to your feet.  You push the wall again in a clockwise motion.  The whole ground starts to rotate along with the drum and statue.  This is the key.



Image result for zelda oot statue puzzle


This week's mini:  Pushups.  You want to push the wall and see what happens.

Since it's later in the week, 150 pushups, however you want to break up the sets is up to you.


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