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Attainable Goals FTW

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Hello, fellow Rebels!  Excited to be a new member!  Excited to participate in my first Challenge!


My three quests for this Challenge are:


Flip turns while swimming freestyle.  I've been too cowardly to do them where other people can see my fat ass lumbering about at the wall.  And I'm afraid I don't have enough stamina to do them.  So I've been just turning around at the wall like someone who doesn't know how to do flip turns.  Quest #1 is to do flip turns, every time I am swimming consecutive laps of freestyle.  I swim about twice a week, so I will work on this goal twice a week.


Learn to run on the treadmill.  I can run outside just fine, I am just afraid of running on the treadmill.  I'm clumsy and absentminded, and I imagine that I'll go flying off the back of the mill.  I am going to learn to run on that treadmill like a normal person does.  This will help me keep running during the summer when it's too hot outside to run.  I run 4 times weekly, and when I next end up on a treadmill, I will bit the bullet and set the speed to running speed.


Learn bodyweight exercises as outlined here on NF.  I have not done any weight training at all, but I have a body and an exercise mat, so there is no excuse for me not to give bodyweight exercises a try.  And it's free, woot.  I will learn the bodyweight routine and practice it once per week.


Good luck to all!


Martina McSorley

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Hi Martina!


Great quest choices. Don't let your fear of looking stupid hold you back!


I'm a treadmill runner because I have bad knees (they can't take the pavement). You won't go flying off the back unless you stop! Just focus on the rhythm of your footfalls, and try not to look around too much. That's when I find I get a little wobbly, when I start watching other people beside me.


Good luck!


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Welcome to the Rebellion!  The treadmill is intimidating at first but so long as you start it slowly you'll be fine. :) also I'm jealous of your swimming, turns or not. I can swim well enough not to drown but it's less technique and more flailing and looking like a fool. 

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HI Martina!

Welcome to the rebellion! :-)

I am in awe of you being able to do flip turns... If you can do 'em, do 'em!  I once read somewhere (I wish I remembered the source!) that people hardly ever notice anyone else's bodies because they're too busy being preoccupied with their own...!  Do you remember anyone's body from last time you were at the pool...?!


And treadmill's look way scarier than they actually are...!  So think about all the kudos you will gain by using one! :-)

Good luck!


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