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Stuck on deadlift (upper back rounding)

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I have been doing SL 5x5 for 9 weeks (no lifting experience before starting) and I've been stuck on the same weight for deadlift for around 5 weeks now. 135lbs feels easy for me and I've tried deloading and working my way up again (adding 5lbs instead of 10lbs), but as soon as I hit 140lbs, my upper back rounds immediately and I have a hard time getting the weight off the floor. I usually do conventional deadlift, but just started to add in a set of semi-sumo deadlifts at a lower weight to learn the movement.
Is the rounding just due to general weakness? Would it be more beneficial to deadlift more often or do accessory exercises? Would deadlifting 3x week be helpful or just excessive?
Height: 5'3  Weight: 145lbs  Age: 22  (Female)
Squat: 150lbs (5x5)
Deadlift: 135lbs (1x5)
Bench: 75lbs (5x5)
OHP: 50lbs (5x5)
Rows: 70lbs (5x5)
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Hey! It's kinda hard for me to figure what the issue might be without a form check video. Hips might be too high (or low), bar might be too far away from your body, et cetera.


But at this stage, accessory work isn't typically needed. It's more important to just get reps under your belt and learn the movement


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I'd wager it's not as strict a barrier as you think. Take video of your sets at 100, then 135, then 140 and compare them. And if it really is a barrier in that 5lbs, just do more sets at 135. 9 weeks is basically no time at all in terms of weight training so your body is still in full adaption mode. Keep lifting with good form and the barriers will just keep peeling away for the next couple months. 

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My wife was having issues with very minor arching on the deadlift at a much lower weight.  For her it wasn't bad arching but I also watch her form every few weeks per her requests.  We added in bent over rows and after a few months her back form looks very good.  That being said it could also be one of the things @matty_mcfly suggested so if you post a form video of @Rooks suggestion than people here could see which issue you are facing. 

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Second doing a form check! Also, maybe bump up to 3x5 instead of 1x5 to add additional volume

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