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JussieV First Challenge


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I am a little intimidated by jumping in, but here I go.



I finished my first whole 30 a few weeks ago, and went back to a rather clean way of eating.  Unfortunately, after going back off, a lot of my issues came back.  Not sure what exactly is causing the issues so back on the whole 30 I go.      



I am planning on running a 5k with my mom this fall, so I am starting my C25K again.  My goal will be 3 days a week.

On the off days I am going to do a strength training plan.



We are about to become foster parents (as long as all goes well) and I really need to get serious about keeping the house up before I add another child or more to the mix.  This challenge I want to do my daily house work EVERY DAY! I am good at keeping it up for a day or two but really need to get better about being consistent.




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Thanks for the kind words and comments.  Yes, becoming foster parents has been stressful, and I imagine actually being one will be even more stressful.  I am also homeschooling my 6 year old, so kinda crazy :0


I am hoping that finding a group like this can keep me on track with my goals and moving forward, while in this crazy season of life.

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Glad you jumped in, @JussieV! How's it going so far?

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I've never done Whole30 but a cousin did it recently and said a lot of people she knows forget to add things back to their diet one at a time so they can figure out what the problem was. Go slow and keep track!


Your other goals look great, and congrats on fostering and homeschooling!! That's awesome and takes a lot of work. 


Let us know how things are coming along. 

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