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Any difference in lifting gloves?

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Hey guys, my wife isn't too keen on getting callouses in her hands alongside her gains, plus her fingers are too swollen ATM to get her wedding ring off, so when she grips a barbell, it pinches her hand pretty badly and takes her focus elsewhere.  So I was thinking I'd ask for some opinions on lifting glove quality.  What should she look for exactly or do they really not make a difference, one brand to the next?

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Try a few pairs of gloves on if possible.  Everyone's hands are different and she may find some fit better than others.  In my glove wearing days I've had seams dig into my thumb joint and had callouses from the fabric rubbing on certain parts of my hand.  I'm sure if I had exercised a bit more prudence in my purchase decision I would have had more success... also I just realized it's September and this thread is from May.  You probably have already broken in a new pair of gloves by now!  What did she end up getting? 


PS - fingerless is badass! 

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