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Critique my week

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Good morning community!


Haven't posted much but thought I'd launch with a request. I've been dieting for about 3-4 years and am fairly happy with what goes into my body (thank god for myfitnesspal).


Last September, after seeing I'd flat-lined for awhile, I found the "basic" bodyweight circuit. I've been doing that regularly (and added some weight/reps) but am wondering if there are other things I could/should be doing (I've shared the circuit with some others and they refer to it as a cardio circuit). I'm looking for some more strength training options to add in. Below is my typical week's worth of activities.


Body weight circuit (typically 3x per week):

20 body weight squats (I'd added a dumb bell but my knees started acting up)

20 pushup (sometimes I elevate my feet on an ottoman)

20 lunges (10 each leg, alternating)

15 second planks (left oblique, center, right, then leg lift)

15 "curl rows" (just upped to 40 lbs)

30 jumping jacks

15 one arm "military press" (just upped to 20 lbs)

I can finish 3 sets of the circuit in about 20-25 minutes


Typically (~60-75%) I'll take the dog on a quick 2-3 mile walk after


On alternate days I try to go for a 3 mile run (average 9 minute mile the first mile then slightly longer on the second two miles)


My equipment is an exercise mat (so I don't have to plank, push-up on hardwood floor) and bowflex select dumbbells (dial/select weight thingies)


Any input is appreciated

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What constitutes strength training vs cardio really depends on the person, though those reps are getting a little high for most strength training programs.  That said, if you're increasing the weight/difficulty periodically, you're building strength. :friendly_wink:  Checkout Strength Training 101 for an explanation of what rep ranges correspond to which training goals.


As far as training programs, there are more advanced ones on the blog.  Or you can check out Start Bodyweight.  Or ask in the Warrior section for lifting programs (I know Strong Lifts is popular).



Also, if you're having knee problems during squats, slow down and recheck your form.  Poor form is the most common cause, but if that doesn't fix the issue, talk to your doctor.

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