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What's my next step?

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Hi guys, started lifting seriously about 2 years ago.  I have gone from 175 lbs to 220 lbs.


My lifts have went from:


April 2015


These are all 3 x 5 btw


Squat: 100

Deadlift: 135

Bench Press: 70

OHP: 55


May 2017


Squat: 170

Deadlift: 305

Bench: 170

OHP: 110


Here is my April 2015 pic at 175 lbs.


Here is a pic from this week at 220 lbs


I want to get your guys thoughts on what I should do next. as well as your all thoughts on my progress  I'm not sure if I should go 240 lbs and keeping eating at a surplus or I should cut. Injuries to shoulder and back are slowing my progress as we speak.  I am doing a PPL but I have had to skip squats recently do to a back issue.  I plan to go to a chiropractor this month for both of these.  What is my goal? To keep putting more weight on the bar in a pain free fashion.  Everytime I lift my shoulder hurts or my back hurts or my neck gets tight.  I really love my progress but I often am in pain now haha.


Let me know if there is anything else you need from me that I am missing.  This is what I eat in a given week:


Breakfast 9 AM: Lots of Greek Yogurt, Nuts, Wheat Waffles, Milk, Cheese, Oatmeal, Eggs


Lunch: Chicken Fillet 1 - 2 Brocolli Cup, Rice and or Potato


Afternoon: Yogurt, Power Bar, Protein Powder, Shredded Wheat


Dinner: Chicken Fillet 1 - 2 Brocolli Cup, Rice or Potato, Once a week I will have Taco Bell


Night: Waffles, Yogurt, Milk, Cheese, Nuts, Carrots


Thanks for reading guys, I really do appreciative you all taking time to read it.

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If your goal is truly just getting more weight on the bar, you need to figure out how to train without pain. Injuries are what stops training and training is what provides more "weight on the bar". Get healed up. Talk with the chiro and get help there. Work on mobility daily to ensure you are building good movement patterns and loosening up crap that hurts all the time. 


If you really do want to move more weight, the best method is to stay healthy and ramp up the intensity of the workouts overtime to force more adaption. That said, it so much easier said that done. Everyone gets hurt. Seems like there's no way around it. 

Best of luck my friend. 

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Second a lot of what Rooks says above.


Also, to remain pain free, in addition to mobility work, you will need to work on strengthening your weaknesses. This could include adding targeted accessory work to improve muscular imbalances. If you have the resources, working with a trainer for a few sessions is always a great idea. If not, take some form check videos and post them up in the forums here. We can then give you some ideas for what your weaknesses might be and how to improve them. 


Good luck and heal up!

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