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So my profile hasn't changed and I've failed my own quest I mean epic fail..

Here's why It happened, intention good, planning well it's there but not in stone..

My weight was 14.4 and  My jeans are tight I've got 36 year old muffin top..

So why have i not got anywhere... I'm lazy I've got my Gearfit2 ( anyone know how to add buddy please help and add lol). I eat well and BAD in less that exual measure more on the bad.


So here goes I'm going to do three exercise a week nothing more unless I want to.  I'm looking to use a kettle bell for my sheild, weight body weight or exercise as my sword arm strength. And streacthing flexibility bands for my Bow arm I means what a ranger otherwise right.. big High Five


So I'm going to spend the day and chisel my life goal into stone.. It's shall be with sword held high, war cry in my lungs and conviction in my jaw and a my eyes bright with determination



PS I'm login Mondays and Fridays minimum,,, and if in three month and I'm still going with Your Help (please fellow rangers/respawners) I'll do the same for you well all be here in three month with a sore hand from all the HIGH FIVES

:angel: of the Wilderness Level 1 Archangel Templar order of the NF blazing Light.

 STR 2 - DEX 1- STA 2 - CON 4 - WIS 3 - CHA 2 

Your current safe boundaries were once fears.. Push your boundaries till your last breath.

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